Customer Review: Randy C.

First BEWARE: Google Plus’ address is WRONG. This restaurant is in Bow, the town just south of Bellingham and a 10-minute drive to the south of the location shown. The street address is correct but the town wrong and Google maps WILL lead you astray if you look for this address in Bellingham.

So, when you get there, WOW! Worth the trip, even including the 20-minute detour. The selection of oysters isn’t as wide as some high-end seafood restaurants, but what they have–at least 4-6 different varieties–is as fresh as it gets, by taste and not just by what they say.

So, don’t skip the oysters as an appetizer, and then the kitchen does some magic with mushrooms and their appetizers are all unique and excellent. The wine list, especially local Washington State whites, keeps pace with the food. As for entrees, the fish (salmon, trout, and halibut) were not as memorable as the oysters or other appetizers, and it wasn’t because I was full. I didn’t try the Kobe burger, which might have been fun but maybe needed a different wine pairing. Crab cakes next time, or maybe the prawns, or maybe just 18 oysters and lots of their warm, steaming bread.