5 Selfies Spots on Chuckanut Drive

With its stunning seascapes, Washington State’s scenic byway is a nature photographer’s dream. Splendid water, woodland, and mountain views around encourage to experience Chuckanut Drive rather than drive it. Explore the five most splendid panoramas popular both with locals and tourists!

Over 20 beautiful stops on a map

The 20-mile scenic roadway is a safe and enjoyable leisure activity during COVID restrictions. It is easy to get an enjoyable experience for lone travelers and small companies simply by driving and stopping in pleasant places.

With two-way traffic on winding roads, Chuckanut Drive is not the road to be in a rush on! So, simply slow down, relax and take time to discover it.

The best way to enjoy the scenic drive is to see it as a nice day road trip from Seattle, one of the most frequent starting points. In this case, your Chuckanut Drive journey starts from Conway when you exit I-5 and finishes in Bellingham.

With the map of over 20 selected interesting stops on Chuckanut Drive, you can tailor every trip in different ways.

Begin with the following five locations that embody the very spirit of the Pacific Northwest.
Try to regard the trip as a photo album that you can create by mixing funny selfies and scenery images.

Capture spring fields around La Conner

Colorful patchworks of spring farmlands between Conway and La Conner may be the first image of your Chuckanut Drive selfie session. In springtime, the landscapes around the Skagit river wow visitors with picturesque photography backdrops.

Undoubtedly, tulip and daffodil fields are the most vivid spots during the season.

If you find yourself in Skagit County in April and want to enjoy more floral areas, consider visiting Skagit Tulip Festival.

Immerse yourself in the marine landscapes of Padilla Bay

Just in 20 minutes, enjoy a new visual experience in Bay View State Park. Located in Padilla Bay, the place offers gorgeous views of the San Juan Islands.

For learning more about the natural history of the area, visit exhibits at Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

With picnic areas and a great bike trail, you will likely spend more time there, taking selfies and strolling along the water.

Explore oyster beds on Taylor Shellfish Farms

With a 130-year history of sustainable shellfish, Tailor Shellfish Farms is just a must-visit place in the Pacific Northwest. The location offers a dynamic display of oyster harvesting, a staple food of the area.

To get there, you will need to pass the railroad tracks down to the shore. But it is well worth a stop because, regarding the weather, you will take impressive pictures.

It is definitely one of the impressive landmarks that embody successful communal efforts, original fishing traditions, and outstanding natural landscapes.

When the tide is low, you can watch numerous oyster beds. It is also possible to buy some oysters in a local store where they can pack your seafood in ice.

Experience the woodland grandeur of Larrabee State Park

Another stop in Larrabee Park will give you the majestic forest and mountain views. The oldest Washington state park on Samish Bay, created in 1915, covers over 2700 acres and features camping, boating, and fishing.

And naturally, the park offers a wide range of spots for taking pictures of birds and flowers.
Hiking and biking trails will further enrich your experience and provide you with new landscapes to enjoy.

Have a scenic dinner at the Oyster Bar

After such a busy day, recharge your batteries on the Oyster Bar terrace, watching a glorious sunset.

Here you can always try our specialties: raw, fried, or baked oysters, try a good wine from our award-winning wine list, and, of course, find new photo opportunities. Every table on our terrace offers a splendid view of Samish Bay.

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