Enjoy dinner daily from 4pm to 9pm.

Dinner Appetizers*

Cascadia Mushroom Tartlet… 22.50

Savory herb crust, sautéed local mushrooms, leeks, roasted garlic, whipped goat cheese and basil oil.

Baked Oysters… 21.00

Samish Bay oysters (3) with pancetta, heirloom tomato,
chives, creamed spinach, herbed bread crumbs.

Steamed Mussels… 21.50

Fresh local mussels steamed in a light coconut, green curry and lime broth with toasted nori.

Oyster Bar Crab Cakes… 

Half — 19.50 Full — 29.00

Dungeness & Jonah crab, mango chutney, curry aioli.


Summer Asparagus Soup… 14.00

A lightly creamed vegetarian soup garnished with roasted garlic oil, morel mushrooms and Manchego cheese.

Smoked Halibut Chowder… 15.00

Hot smoked Pacific halibut with vegetable mire poix, boar bacon, Yukon gold potatoes, mini chive biscuit and fresh sage.


Warm Strawberry and Spinach Salad… 15.00

Fresh baby spinach and strawberries, with goat cheese, red onion, toasted hazelnuts, orange supremes and warm poppy seed dressing.

Mixed Seasonal Greens… 13.00

Mixed seasonal greens, bleu cheese, red onions, gala apples, red seedless grapes, toasted walnuts with a maple cider vinaigrette.

Chilled Seafood Entree Salad… 38.50

Dungeness crab, prawns, avocado, red onions, mango, hard-boiled egg, baby greens, feta cheese, serrano chili and peanut oil dressing

Dinner Entrees*

served with sorbet intermezzo, cheese soufflé, seasonal vegetables

Cedar Roasted N.W. Salmon… A.Q.

Pickled blueberries, sorrel puree, seared oyster mushrooms, balsamic syrup and toasted pine nuts.

Fresh Local Oyster Fry… 38.00

Fresh Northwest oysters deep fried in a light panko crust, served with green apple aioli.

Seafood Stew… 40.50

Clams, scallops, mussels, shrimp and fish simmered with Yukon gold potatoes, vegetable mirepoix, boar bacon, oyster mushrooms and swiss chard in a light seafood broth. Pistou and shaved parmesan.

Maine Lobster Tail… 

One — 41.50 Two — 63.-

4-5 oz. lobster tail with yuzu honey butter and gremolata.

Fresh Idaho Rainbow Trout… 38.50

Stuffed with bay scallops, blue oyster mushrooms, spinach and basil, Meyer lemon butter and smoked almonds.

Oyster Bar Crab Cakes… 40.50

Dungeness and Jonah crab,
mango chutney, curry aioli.

Fresh Pacific Halibut… 45.00

Slow roasted with green chard crust, local black truffle cream and fresh chives.

Wild Gulf Coast Blue Prawns… 39.50

Sautéed with tomato concasse, dill, garlic and lemon butter over a creamed basmati rice.

Prime Top Sirloin Steak… 46.00

8 oz. grilled Prime Top Sirloin with a roasted shallot and oyster mushroom Bordelaise.

Prime Filet Mignon… 

Petite 4 oz. —46.00 Full 8 oz. —63.00

Sage seared Prime Filet with a roasted garlic and Madeira demi glace and crispy pancetta.


served with béarnaise

Steak and Two Gulf Coast Blue Prawns… 

8oz Prime Top Sirloin — 52.00
4oz Prime Filet Mignon — 50.00
8oz Prime Filet Mignon — 61.00

Steak and Maine Lobster Tail (5-6 oz)… 

8oz Prime Top Sirloin — 67.00
4oz Prime Filet Mignon — 65.00
8oz Prime Filet Mignon — 78.00

Specialities of the House

Wild Nettle Gnocchi… 33.00

Shiitake mushrooms, snap peas, leeks, pea shoots, roasted shallots in a light lemon goat cheese cream topped with crispy sage.

*Washington State Law requires us to inform you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. Some seafood is prepared rare to medium rare unless otherwise requested. Raw eggs are used in our aioli’s. Some seafood items are served raw and our meat items are cooked to order.