We typically offer 6-10 different varieties rotating on a weekly basis. Our seasonally based menu changes weekly. Please call for our current menu or for the current raw oyster menu.

Raw Oysters are on the half shell and served with a hard apple cider mignonette.

Local Raw Oysters

Samish Bay… 3.60
Samish Bay, WA
Deep cup, firm meats, med. briny, mildly sweet.

Samish Pearl… 3.60
Samish Bay, WA
Deep cup, mildly briny, fresh clean flavor.

Fish Point… 3.60
Bellingham Bay, WA
Firm with lettuce-like flavor, clean aftertaste.

Shigoku… 3.95
Samish Bay, WA & Willapa Bay, WA
Small, dense, light clean taste of cucumber & salt.

Compass Point… 3.95
Samish Bay, WA
Crisp, sweet, plump meat with a melon finish.

Northwest Raw Oysters

Cortez Island… 2.95
Deep Bay, Strait of Georgia, B.C.
Delicate meat with mild brininess and sweet flavor.

Denman Island… 2.95
Strait of Georgia, B.C.
Firm meat, briny with a sweet flavor; melon finish.

Nootka Bay… 2.95
Nootka Sound, B.C.
White meat, highly briny with hint of anise.

Fanny Bay… 3.25
Vancouver Island, B.C.
Firm meat, mild brine, cucumber finish.

Cougar Creek… 3.25
Baynes Sound, B.C.
Smooth and briny with a sweet melon finish.

Evening Cove… 3.25
Strait of Georgia, B.C.
Firm meat, mild brine, watermelon finish.

Royal Miyagi… 3.25
Straight of Georgia, B.C.
Smooth textured meat, mild brine, kiwi-like finish.

Malaspina… 3.25
Vancouver Island, B.C.
Plump, creamy white meat, mild, sweet, a bit briny.

Chef Creek… 3.60
Vancouver Island, B.C.
Creamy meat, med. brine, sweet flavor.

Malpeque… 3.60
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Firm with lettuce-like flavor, clean aftertaste.

Stellar Bay… 3.95
Deep Bay, B.C.
Deep cup, meaty, very clean, delicate flavor.

Vancouver Island, Canada
Deep cupped, meaty, clean and delicate flavor

Golden Mantle… 
Strait of Georgia, B.C.
Full-flavored, sweet, melon finish.

Raw Oysters

Sapphire… 3.60
Humboldt Bay, CA
Petite, briny flavor with a sweet finish.

Gold Nugget… 3.95
Clean, pure, sweet meat, lots of liquor

Olde Salt… 3.95
Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
High brininess with a smooth, clean finish.

Barcat… 3.95
Chesapeake Bay, VA
Salty start and sweet finish.

Humbolt Gold… 3.95
Northern California
Full, plump meat, buttery, sweet flavor.

Rappahannock River… 3.95
Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
Buttery, tender meats, mild brine, sweet flavor.

Washington Raw Oysters

Nisqually Sweet… 2.95
Hogum Bay, S. Puget Sound, WA
Plump, buttery meat, sweet flavor, brightly briny.

Barron Point… 2.95
Little Skookum Inlet, WAPlump, tender meat, low brininess, sweet, musky finish.

Elkhorn… 2.95
Willapa Bay, WA Coast
Firm meat, briny with a sweet flavor, melon finish.

12th Bay… 2.95
Hood Canal, WA
Plump and meat, med. brine, crisp finish

Skookum Inlet… 4.25
South Puget Sound, WA
Full flavored muskiness, low brine, vegetable finish.

Gold Creek… 3.25
South Hood Canal, WA
Mild, clean flavor and a light brininess.

Sun Hollow… 3.25
Lower Hood Canal, WA
Sweet, plump meat with a light brininess.

Purple Mountain… 3.25
Hood Canal, WA
Firm, plump meat with a light mineral flavor.

Wildcat Cove… 3.25
South Puget Sound, WA
Plump, meaty, mildly briny with a melon rind finish

Hood Canal… 3.25
South Puget Sound, WA
Plump, meaty, flavorful with melon rind finish.

Reach Island… 3.25
Southern Puget Sound, WA
Plump meat, sweet and briny.

Totem Point… 3.25
Quilcene Bay, WA
Firm, full, sweet and salty meat.

Wild Hood Canal… 3.25
Hood Canal, WA
Sweet sea lettuce taste with cucumber brine

Sunset Beach… 3.60
Hood Canal, WA
Plump with medium brininess, sweet flavor.

Cranberry Creek… 3.60
Pickering Passage, WA
Mild brininess, crisp and clean with a slight honeydew finish

Gold Point… 3.60
South Hood Canal, WA
Medium brininess with a crisp, strong finish.

Snow Creek… 3.60
Discovery Bay, WA
Plump & tender; sweet flavor, light brine.

Willapa Bay… 3.60
Willapa Bay, WA Coast
Plump, meaty, flavorful with melon rind finish.

Totten Inlet… 3.60
S. Puget Sound, WA
Plump, creamy meat, med. brine, touch of seaweed flavor

Mirada… 3.60
South Hood Canal, WA
Medium brininess, sweet finish.

Patriot Point… 3.60
Hood Canal, WA
Full meats with medium brine, melon finish.

Dabob Bay… 3.60
North Hood Canal, WA
Firm, briny, light and clean flavor with a sweet finish.

Deer Creek… 3.60
South Hood Canal, WA
Firm with lettuce-like flavor, clean aftertaste.

Penn Cove Selects… 3.60
North Puget Sound, WA
Firm with a crisp, briny flavor & a fresh aftertaste.

Sister Point… 3.60
South Hood Canal, WA
Deep cupped with firm meat, cucumber finish.

Rock Point… 3.60
Dabob Bay, WA
Mild, fresh, briny yet sweet in flavor.

Capital… 3.95
Harstine Island, WA
Pure, crisp, sea salt flavor with a clean finish.

Kumamoto… 5.25
South Puget Sound, WA
Petite meats, mildly briny, sweet, honeydew finish.

Virgincia… 3.95
Totten Inlet, WA
Firm texture, sweet, briny with a mineral finish.

Minter Bay, WA
Plump w/ sweet flavor, high brininess, mineral finish.

Penn Cove, WA
Briny, sea fresh flavor.

Pacific Bay Center… 
Willapa Bay, WA
Delicate meat, lightly salty, sweet cucumber.

Peale Passage… 
Peale Passage, WA
Clean and firm with a mild, briny almost fruity taste.

Little Skookum… 
South Puget Sound, WA
Plump and buttery, not salty.

*Washington State Law requires us to inform you that consuming Raw Shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness.