Customer Review: Kristin

I don’t do fancy restaurants. Ever. I usually don’t like the food and I don’t drink, so I’m like, what’s the point? I happened to be dating a fancy food liking guy, at the time. And it was his birthday. We were driving back from Darrington and he wanted me to have my first oyster shooter. So we stopped.

That’s where the story starts. This place was terrific. The menu is always changing (which ensures freshness and in season goodness!!). I had the oyster shooters to start. The ice-y stuff (see, I don’t do fancy) that they paired with the shooter I could eat alone. Then I had the salmon chowder to start. Magnificent!!! So much good flavor I didn’t even want to share a taste. But I had to because it was SO good. The menu also had so many choices. I prefer light flavorful dishes. And this had plenty.

Oh my gosh, and I didn’t even mention the view!!!!!! Right on the cliff facing the ocean. You can watch them go get the clams you just ate !!