Customer Review: Ben M.

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary with a drive from Seattle to the Chuckanut Drive and the Oyster Bar for a celebratory lunch. It was absolutely delightful. The food was excellent, the service was the best and the view is outstanding. We started with a dozen and a half of the most delicious, freshest raw oysters you can imagine. No sauce or intrusion of any other dressing other than a squeeze of lemon was necessary to bring out the wonderful briny flavor and plump meat of the oyster. I had fresh halibut beautifully prepared with a seaweed truffle covering that enhanced the fresh fish. It was served with wonderful potatoes and incredibly fresh carrots and string beans. My wife had a king crab salad roll that was also top notch. We passed on the desserts. It was as good as it gets as a way to celebrate our anniversary. You don’t an occasion to enjoy the total experience at the Oyster Bar.