Customer Review: Stephanie F.

Lesson learned, should have learned how to communicate with the server when the foods not quite right. We were greeted with you are early, we have no additional seating, no bar. No inside bathroom. Should check to see the tide tables, I guess. The tide was zero, so only mud flats. The waitress never asked how our food was , we ate it because we had driven 90 minutes for an”exceptional “ dining experience. When asked about gluten free menu choices, got a lookthat wasn’t happy. I had the salad, as there wasn’t much of a gluten free choice. I had a teaspoon of crab. A perfect hard boiled egg. Lots of romaine.Three beautiful prawns… even the restaurants all over la Conner have gluten free options, never thought to check. My sister had over done on the outside, and mushy on the inside fried oysters, lots of green coming out liquid. She scraped most of the gunk out, and I guess she thought the waitress would ask. She did mention I must have liked my meal, because I ate everything. My sisters …Half a cup of rice, 1 small roll. No one asked about our meal , except the bus people were filling the water. A sliver of carrot, 2 beans,and a tiny little Brussels sprout. We laughed so hard.. so it wasn’t a wasted experience. We were celebrating our birthdays, and it was a special occasion.
Small portions
Disappointing food