Customer Review: Vintage R.

Delicious grilled halibut chowder, without the overwhelming cream flavor one often finds.
My partner’s truffle petrale sole special and my seafood stew were both a delight.
The shared dessert was pear tartine with both cardamon and maple ice cream.
We had the Wild Boar on the last visit. Not brilliant, but very good. The mashed potato/cauliflower starch was excellent. The veggies were not drowning in butter, which is all to common, though could have been cooked just a bit longer.
The Boar was somewhat frustrating. It was moist, tender, and well seasoned. The meat itself was oddly uninteresting. I was prepared for some gameness, but thankfully there was none. On the other hand, it didn’t seem to have much in the way of its own flavor. Just nice, moist, well seasoned piece of protein.
Our service was also great on both visits.
It is very spendy, so keep that in mind. It’s not elegant, and nice casual works. Some folks come in just off the hiking trails. However you’re not out of place if you dress up either.
Do call ahead to find out about the specials.