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How many healthy wines are on the Oyster Bar Wine List?

Well, it depends on the health benefits you want to get from an interplay of well-being and culture. Let’s explore their features, and you will easily pick the right beverage from the Oyster Bar award-winning wine list!

300+ Mediterranean wines for longevity

The recent long-term study has confirmed the positive impact of moderate red wine consumption on a longer life span; 12.5 years for women; and 9.6 years for men. 

Interestingly, healthy wine rankings determine cultures with a high wine consumption known for their longevity – the French, Italians, Spaniards, and the Portuguese. 

In his best-selling book Food sanity, renowned nutritionist David Friedman analyzed their consumption patterns

He explored the ‘French paradox’. It is one of the most curious cultural phenomena – with a diet rich in saturated fats, the French have a longer life span and a lower risk of heart diseases than many nations.

Following the progressive trends, the Oyster Bar wine list offers over 300 wines from the best vineyards that develop Mediterranean wine traditions. 

Support heart health

The commonly held belief is that red wines are healthier than white ones. In many instances, the difference is insignificant, and it is more important to consider moderate wine consumption – reassure experts.

Yet, it is helpful to know the strengths of different wines for particular cases. 

As an antioxidant activator, red wine helps to prevent heart diseases responsible for one-third of global deaths. 

With putative antioxidant features, flavonoids are the most important.

Resveratrol is another essential component. It prevents blood clots responsible for heart attacks and stroke.

Pinot Noir and Sirah contain the highest content of resveratrol.

At the Oyster Bar, you can explore the Pinot Noir collection. It formed with the best vintages from the 27 world-renowned wineries. You can try Pinot Noir Erath Resplendent, Oregon – 2018 at just $12 a glass.

Control cholesterol

When it comes to the control of cholesterol levels, some white wines have advantages over red wines.

Chardonnay has proven to be effective in improving cholesterol levels of 46 patients with moderate risk of cardiovascular disease.

For a year, the participants of the study combined the consumption of Chardonnay and regular exercise.

With 78 Chardonnay wines of the best vintages, the Oyster Bar boasts the best choice of this most famous white wine in the world.

10 light Roses for perfect metabolism

Drinking rose wines can particularly facilitate weight loss and boost metabolic processes because most of them are low-calorie wines. 

Made of red and white grapes, Rosè is an excellent choice for those who keep fit. With about 80 calories per six-ounce glass, Rosè is lighter than most red and white wines. 

Additionally, Rosè contains potassium that regulates water balance and boosts metabolism. 

Elegant and refreshing, Rosè wines on the Oyster Bar wine list represent ten celebrated American, Mexican and French vineyards.

And we have made this diversity available too. You can try excellent French Rosè Domaine Sorin, 2019 from Provence  $ 8.5 a glass. 

Make an informed choice!

By understanding the health benefits of different wines, you can maintain good health and tailor positive experiences. You also can harness the power of wine to reduce stress.

As you can see, the multicultural Oyster Bar wine list allows combining therapeutic and practical benefits in every wine experience.

Call us today: 360-766-6185, and we ensure a cozy place for you to enjoy the diversity of our offer and the beauty of our location!

Award Winning Wines from Around the World

The Oyster Bar’s Wine Cellar

Can it be a perfect meal without a perfectly paired wine to accompany it? We don’t believe it’s possible! That’s why we at The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive strive to fill our wine cellar with award winning wines to enhance your night-out experience.

Oyster Bar owner Guy Colbert and wine selector Amanda Abbott personally choose award winning wines from around the globe, covering every major wine-producing region in the world. We take great care in selecting wines that enhance the entire experience of dining at The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. Wines not only add a new dimension of flavor to dishes, but are an opportunity for you as a diner to experience the flavors of a different place and time.

Wine of the month - The Oyster Bar on ChuckanutIn the 2005 Malvira San Guglielmo, diners can taste the flavors of Piedmont, Italy. The rare, luscious red wine opens with a nose of blackberry and tobacco and follows with hints of vanilla and leather on the palate.

Or diners can swing the villa windows open and smell the Atlantic waters of El Puerto de Santa María, Spain with a glass of Oloroso La Garrocha. The sherry wine is crafted on a family farm that’s been in business for nearly two centuries now. Your glass is served at room temperature and holds an almost sweet, nutty flavor with hints of the nearby ocean.

Sancerre Rose 2016This month, we’ve added the Sancerre Rose from the tiny hamlet of Terre de Maimbray. Born in the Sancerre region of the Loire Valley, the rose wine tastes like a French summer feels. Aromas of white currant, apricot and peach accompany a soft, pale color. It’s a perfect choice for a light salad on a sunny day.

Collecting award winning wines like these leads to an award winning wine cellar. For 27 years now, The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive’s selection has been voted as one of the outstanding Wine Lists of the World by the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine. It’s an honor to be selected year-after-year, and we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to taste flavors from the around the world, while appreciating a view only the Pacific Northwest can provide.  

See our full wine list.

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Featured Wine: Domaine Magdalena Cabernet Sauvignon

(Bin #1114 $87) This sophisticated, balanced Washington Red is everything a Cabernet from Red Mountain should be. It’s fine tannins accent the beautiful notes of blackberry, rose petal and earth. Domaine Magdalena is not only beautifully made but also thoughtfully made. The wine undergoes wild yeast fermentation, is unfiltered and is Demeter certified biodynamic. This wine can stand alone but would pair nicely with so many of our dishes including our vegetarian and wild game options.


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