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Customer Review: Carmen Y.

What an experience

Customer Review: Larry A.

Best around

Customer Review: Kathie B.

Excellent Excellent Excellent

Customer Review: David F

Awesome food !!!!

Customer Review: Allison F

Great views

Customer Review: Simon B.

Nice ambiance

Customer Review: David and Monika C


Customer Review: James F.

A fine dinner house

Customer Review: Jody E.


Customer Review: Barb A.


Customer Review: Jil

The service is outstanding

Customer Review: Frankie H.

Food is excellent

Customer Review: David C.


Customer Review: Christina Jacobs-V.

Beautiful view

Customer Review: Tony H.

You get what you pay for

Customer Review: Ed H.

The food was delicious!!!

Customer Review: Heike N.


Customer Review: Jeffrey P

Wonderful dinner!

Customer Review: Francine K.


Customer Review: jody f.

The whole experience was AWESOME!

Customer Review: RICK B.

Excellent and great location

Customer Review: wendy B.

So good!

Customer Review: Donna S.


Customer Review: Steven K.

Love it. Very popular

Customer Review: Larry W.

Excellent experience on all levels

Customer Review: Bonnie g.

Good Excellante……views too

Customer Review: Jack B.

Nice setting good food

Customer Review: Nate K.

Very charming place.

Customer Review: Hisayo M.

Food is good but expensive.

Customer Review: Elaine H.

Oysters totally yummy!

Customer Review: Darcy L

Great oysters! Great prices!

Customer Review: Jan S.

Love this place. Every time and in every way…perfect.

Customer Review: Kim E.

Great dinner with better company

Customer Review: Maria H.

Pricey but worth it. For special occasions.

Customer Review: Bill J.

Best fine dining in the area

Customer Review: Mark M.

Good food and brilliant views

Customer Review: Pamela Binford-G.

Always a joy !

Customer Review: Sandy M.

Ambiance, deliciousness, view, superb!

Customer Review: sekureh

Secret gem, still.

Customer Review: Ross D.

Very pleasant eating experience

Customer Review: Dan K.

Good food. Not great

Customer Review: Mathias D

Absolutely Delicious!

Customer Review: Sasha M

Customer Review: Jim Y.

Excellent food. Quite yummy

Customer Review: Ryan R.

A special place for special occasions. 100% world-class.

Customer Review: Saul M.

excelente food, beautiful views

Customer Review: Live Free Or Die Trying

Love this place! I Go every other month!

Customer Review: Stefan B.

Great food wonderful views

Customer Review: David F.

Wonderful sunset and delicious food

Customer Review: Jake P.

Best food and atmosphere ever

Customer Review: Sara Lord Bugbee-R.

We love this place and stop by whenever we are in the neighborhood.

Customer Review: Grant M. F.

Great food, service and view

Customer Review: Ben J.

Incredible view, awesome oysters.

Customer Review: Vance M.


Customer Review: Chris M.

So great seriously the best. I just left and want to go back already

Customer Review: Alec H.

It was fancy

Customer Review: Gary M.

Great food, great view.

Customer Review: Lori W.

The food and service was excellent.

Customer Review: Mary S.

Great view, yummy oysters

Customer Review: Robert C.

Everything was absolutely superb. Very satisfying and special.

Customer Review: Nick H.

Amazing! Fresh oysters you shuck yourself right on the water.

Customer Review: Patrick H

Great food, vies and service

Customer Review: BNP Gruen

Amazing food – impeccable service !

Customer Review: Nancy B.

Great lunch, great service, great view!

Customer Review: John H.

Awesome! Regular stop on way to Whistler.

Customer Review: Doris Mae O.

Beautiful – great food and fabulous VISTA.

Customer Review: Lisa T

Incredible view, food and service!

Customer Review: Cher K.

Wonderful but you should be prepared to pay for wonderful.

Customer Review: Jeff R.

Excellent food and a true hidden gem.

Customer Review: Roman R.

The lingcod was cooked perfectly. Overall a great experience

Customer Review: Tanin S.

Nice view, tasty food, nice staff

Customer Review: Perry S.

Great service! Great food!

Customer Review: Chris S.

Great food in a beautiful location. Pricy.

Customer Review: Richard H.

Amazing food, and affordable for the quality

Customer Review: Gregg T.

Five star service ..dinner was fantastic!!.. atmosphere priceless!!!

Customer Review: Denisse A.

Crab cake appetizer

Customer Review: T S A

Great food, service and view!

Customer Review: Patty R.

Fabulous oysters, view, service. It was over the top!!

Customer Review: Richard C.

Great food great service great time!

Customer Review: James M.

Great food and an awesome view!

Customer Review: Ann L.

Superb food,elegant dining,incredible view

Customer Review: David M.


Customer Review: Leigh M.

Good food, beautiful spot, very good service

Customer Review: Ryan B.

Wow. . . such a remarkable and unique experience. One of my favorite places in the PNW

Customer Review: Jessica T.

Very high end. Food was great, pricey but great

Customer Review: Charles H.

Best oysters ever. Amazing views

Customer Review: Virginia D.

Always good food and a pleasant atmosphere!

Customer Review: Warren Lee M.

Oooo. If your looking for great neals, fine service and magnificent views, here you go.

Customer Review: Jim B.

Awesome romantic place with really good food.

Customer Review: Jacob B.

Always amazing ate here several times and it was always out of this world.

Customer Review: Steven M.

We visit several times a year. Alway a good experience.

Customer Review: Sheldon s.

Great view, great service,great food

Customer Review: Justin W.

Top notch restaurant with amazing food and excellent service.

Customer Review: Paul K.

With out a doubt one of the best places to eat.. Justin is fantastic

Customer Review: Adele L.

Good food, good service and a beautiful view of Samish Island…

Customer Review: Jubilee S.

Great food with a spectacular view!.

Customer Review: Ben P.

Halibut tacos are delicious. The view is incredible!

Customer Review: Pam P.

Gnocchi appetizer with black truffle sauce was fantastic view was breathtaking

Customer Review: Corvett H.

Wonderful dinner & service for my 40th

Customer Review: Tim K.

Great spot serving local ingredients and a killer view!

Customer Review: Donald R.

Excellent atmosphere, staff, great chef!! Highly recommended!!!

Customer Review: Barbara R.

Beautiful location and the food is fantastic. A surprise gem.

Customer Review: mike m.

Awesome dinner. Great views

Customer Review: john d.

Oysters are most awesome. The view is one of the Best.

Customer Review: Paul S. G.

A little pricey be g awesome views excellent food.

Customer Review: Darin N.

The location, view and food are amazing!!! My favourite place to eat!!!!

Customer Review: Mitchel G.

Always on point and the service is 2nd to none.

Customer Review: Dave T.

Go there! Eat! … Enjoy!…

Customer Review: Nate W.

Incredible. A must go. Excellent food and perfect experience

Customer Review: Casey S.

Lovely place. Waiter was amazing. View was gorgeous.

Customer Review: geo m.

Service was excellent and the food was great. M

Customer Review: Toni P.

Views, great wine list, and inventive locally sourced cuisine.

Customer Review: fred c.

Excellent food excellent service whether you’re dressed to the 9 xr or have cowshit on your boots

Customer Review: Jennifer N.

Great food and wine selection; cozy, warm, and inviting space

Customer Review: Alan H.

All good, service, view, food, wine.

Customer Review: Christine C.

Interested owners on site. Good waitstaff. Very good food.

Customer Review: Raymond C

Oysters are good but pricey. Excellent view

Customer Review: Jeff C.

I’m not sure why they call this an oyster bar, but it’s a great place to get fresh oysters to take home.

Customer Review: Ivan T.

Accommodating staff, great food, great views and not as pricey as it might seem

Customer Review: Jill O.

Oh, very special, very tasty, romantic & great service!

Customer Review: Ardavan G.

Great food and view. I like their seasonal specials.

Customer Review: Lynn L.

Excellent fine dining, gorgepus view, and seafood at its best.

Customer Review: Natasha T.

Really great place for the VIEW and food. Great service!! Great oyesters! It’s on the expensive side but totally worth it

Customer Review: Andrew H.

Expensive, but the food is first rate, the service is meticulous and the view is exceptional.

Customer Review: CliffM

Wonderful menu and gorgeous setting right on Samish Bay.

Customer Review: Isaiah R.

It was amazing. Great view, great food very classy.

Customer Review: The Seattle Barkery

Always delicious and worth the drive!

Customer Review: Telechronn

One of the better high end places to get seafood or surf and turf style fare in Bellingham.

Customer Review: Sandie H.

Beautiful view. Good fish and chips. Very expensive

Customer Review: Ginger M.

OMG… AWESOME SERVICE AWESOME FIOD. A very cool place and great fresh oysters.

Customer Review: Brady G.

Great location on the water, low cost seafood for sale and you can grill them up right outside.

Customer Review: Isaac A.

Litterly amazing, perfect food, great staff, informed suggestions. Everything a great restaurant is!

Customer Review: Craig A.

Great view, limited parking. Potions small, tasty and a bit pricey.

Customer Review: Anne P.

We love The Oyster Bar…view… fabulous food….great drive getting there!

Customer Review: Raymond W.

Excellent view of the bay, great sea food, a hideaway restaurant in a rural setting.

Customer Review: MeChelle Ha.

Great food, the view is phenomenal, service was awesome

Customer Review: Tom M.

The Oyster Bar really does excellent oysters in their exemplary preparation for culinary delight !!

Customer Review: Austin W.

The service was amazing. The oyster selection was awesome and the views where amazing.

Customer Review: Rick A.

The food was very well prepared and we had a great view on the deck

Customer Review: Gabor S.

Incredible views, amazing food. Cozy atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Customer Review: Kirk M.

Hands down, the best food, and best service, in upscale dining in the Bellingham area.

Customer Review: squire t.

It’s incredible, service food, view! Being going there for 25 years never dissapointed!

Customer Review: Cindy D.

Beautiful view. Pricey food but staff was superb. All seafood.

Customer Review: Jeff K.

Really nice place for a romantic dinner. Food is fantastic, service is excellent

Customer Review: Taller A.

Great food, we’ll prepared and served with a fantastic view. Not cheap, but worth it.

Customer Review: jennica v.

Wonderful service and delicious mussels and oysters! Can’t beat the view!

Customer Review: C J Sewell

Dinner was fabulous. Mary the server was great.

Customer Review: Bob Bobtereau@comcast.net

Delicious Wine paired with Delicious Food! And today onthe outdoor deck…what a view! Will be back again!

Customer Review: Evan S.

Can’t get much more quintessentially Washington than The Oyster Bar! Fantastic service and food with a sublime view.

Customer Review: Zach P.

Delicious and expertly prepared raw oysters, with a view of Samish Bay to boot.

Customer Review: Nat L.

Quite an unexpected place. The food was really delicious. Fresh oyster and yummy fried sweet potato

Customer Review: James G

Great view and ambiance. Very relaxing and refined restaurant. Excellent service.

Customer Review: Ron V.

Had a great experience. The service, food and view were very good. Highly recommended!

Customer Review: Gary D.

Worth the drive. Be sure you make reservations.

Customer Review: Tom H.

Went there for wedding party dinner. Very good food, service and views.

Customer Review: Ellen B.

the view was impeccable, the food unusual and filled with surprising combinations and … delicious .. and the wait staff warm and wonderfully attentive.

Customer Review: Aurora C.

By far one of the best restaurants I have tried in the country. The view is to die for and then food is delicious

Customer Review: Sandi D

Fabulous Northwest inspired cuisine. Amazing views from the dining area. Excellent staff.

Customer Review: 1Ukrainochka

Everytime when we visit, it’s always satisfying.. amazing view of course, great atmosphere, amazing food and excellent service.

Customer Review: Michael L.

The food is delicious and the staff is friendly !

Customer Review: T Thompson

Unbelievable view and outstanding service! Umfortumately the food does not match the view or the service, and is very pricey for what you get.

Customer Review: Rob G.

We enjoyed a wonderful anniversary dinner a t Oyster Bar. The food was delicious and an amazing view.

Customer Review: Silas Mi.

Great food, great service, great view.

Customer Review: April Jones Weichert – Edge Home Sales

Wow! Wow! Wow! Sitting on the Edge of the World! Service is Amazing! And I’m Southern, so I know Hospitality!

Customer Review: Shannon P.

Everything we ordered was excellent. Cannot wait to go back!

Customer Review: Amy K.

So delish!!

Customer Review: peter c.

Like the food and view, service is a bit slow, the soup appears with a skin on it (microwaved?) and it’s a bit spendy.

Customer Review: Steve J.

Truly 5 star. Service, view food and wine we’re all exceptional. If you get a chance, a must do.

Customer Review: Diana W.

Excellent food, beautiful view . Very relaxing never felt rushed . Staff is friendly , informative and attentive .

Customer Review: Jim C.

Excellent view, location, food and service. Highly recommend

Customer Review: G S

Good to great food in a cramped, somewhat uncomfortable dining room, depending on where you sit. Waitstaff can be very loud given the general ambiance of the place.

Customer Review: Wyatt E.

Superb service. Beautiful food that melts in your mouth. Extensive wine and champagne selections.

Customer Review: Janet S.

Eat here all the time with my spouse. The best place in bellingham hands down. They have great food and a great view.

Customer Review: Rochelle B.

Food is absolutely Amazing. Fantastic Customer Service.

Customer Review: Mike W.

So good! Love the view and fresh oysters! Wine menu is excellent and so is the food.

Customer Review: Mgailgossen@gmail.com Gossen

Beautiful spot and great food.

Customer Review: Eric H.

Best stake I have ever had. Great service friendly people. A+++

Customer Review: Aaron K.

One of, if not THE, best restaurants in Skagit Valley!

Customer Review: Darren O.

Excellent food and service! Very nice and tasty

Customer Review: Debbie C.

Seriously the best steak I’ve ever eaten. My friend and I shared the steak and lobster and it was amazing!

Customer Review: Trouble T.

Incredible view, food is delightful, service is fantastic. Great for a date night.

Customer Review: Frances G.

Fabulous outdoor seating. John, our server, very special. Great food, some items pricey. Excellent for special occasions.

Customer Review: Michael G

Great food👌👍, but spendy for what we got…😕 If you think the menu was a little “spendy”…NO Problem, the “views” will just blow you away!

Customer Review: Lisa S.

Fabulous food, cozy restaurant and beautiful views – always a treat to come here. Especially love the deck dining.

Customer Review: Elizabeth S.

Incrediable food. The view is spectacular no matter where you are seated. A once in a life time experience.

Customer Review: J. Ackermann

They have a great view and some of the best food I’ve ever experienced. Very friendly staff and great chefs!

Customer Review: top notch

Amazing crab cakes, best and most tender venice I have had, loved the wine selection

Customer Review: Shruthi G.

Loved absolutely everything about this place – food, ambience, location, service.

Customer Review: Lauren W.

I love this place! Great place to hang with friends in the summer and shuck oysters. Staff is really helpful and will teach you how to shuck. Gets crowded on nice days.

Customer Review: Kyle

Amazing food, view and service. 10/10 will be going back again.

Customer Review: Meri T.

Delicious, good atmosphere. Nice view

Customer Review: Alabama6264

Always a favorite when traveling down Chuckanut Drive

Customer Review: Herb R.

Great atmosphere, great service, incredible food and the drive to get there is amazing if you enjoy a road trip. Can’t wait to go back!

Customer Review: David W.

We actually went to the retail store as the kitchen closed at 5pm. They carry his fresh sea food. The restaurant looks good from what we saw.

Customer Review: Roger S.

Great food great service amazing view. All perfect reasons to eat at the Oyster Bar. It is a little on the pricey side.

Customer Review: Nicole G.

The oysters we’re incredible! The food was ABSOLUTELY incredible.

Customer Review: M. Stahl

Absolutely wonderful food, and the oysters were incredible!

Customer Review: Dianne A.

Perfect place for an intimate dinner or with friends. Best raw oysters on the planet. Amazing service!!

Customer Review: Missy A

Relaxing classic wooden chairs with lovely sunset views ♥️ Their oysters was amazing with their red wine 🍷 Our server was awesome !! They also have a bottom floor that’s outdoor seating you can see the sunset views as well 🌅. A huge relaxing views of the water of pudget sounds 🔥

Customer Review: Mini C.

A wonderful place to dine in. View, great! Staff, Awesome! Food, beyond tasty.

Customer Review: Bryan K.

Epic level experience at the right time, on the right day with the right people. This is where I take my favorite people who love the oysters on the half-shell. This place is not cheap, but it is worth it.

Customer Review: Josie N.

Fantastic!!,wonderful dinner , beautiful scenery!!

Customer Review: Clifford S.

The food is outstanding, the staff are great, and the view can’t be beat

Customer Review: Matthew S.

Amazing food with an amazing view. Wait staff was as fun and friendly as I’ve ever had. Highly recommended

Customer Review: Cora P.

Stopped here on a Friday afternoon in the fall. Wow – great views, incredible food, fantastic service. You gotta check this place out.

Customer Review: Laura G.

Excellent menu and wine selection. There seafood is killer and the view and service was top notch. An all in all quality and enjoyable experience!

Customer Review: Byron S.

Absolutely the finest restaurant in Whatcom County, food is always prepared to perfection and the service is superb. The view is the icing on the cake of an extraordinary dining experience.

Customer Review: Michael W.

Delicious food, lovely service, and the view west to the sunset from the outside seating was fantastic!

Customer Review: Chris

Amazing food, fresh oysters and wine list. But the view is what makes this place truly special. My favorite restaurant, hands down.

Customer Review:Doug D

Amazing food and views. A unique Northwest experience.

Customer Review: Elani K.

A lovely place for a romantic dinner out. The only thing better than the food is the view. I highly recommend the crab cakes.

Customer Review: Yoav L.

Fantastic food, incredible views and exquisite service! Oyster Bar is simply the best this side of the Cascades.

Customer Review: Landon P.

Wonderful food made entirely in house by caring chefs, impeccable service and a wine list that matches any. Love the drive out there too.

Customer Review: Mark P.

Really fantastic food even during this crazy time of carry out. Nice service. And most of all the view is amazing.

Customer Review: caitlin w.

This place is so good. Literally everything on their menu is delicious. Service is excellent and the view is killer.

Customer Review: Honor R.

Fine dining and excellent food. View of ocean was stunning

Customer Review: Wolfgang L.

Come for the late lunch sunset meal. We had lobster bisque and pear walnut salad. He had fish and sweet potato chips. I had mouth watering, fall off the bone short ribs on a parsnip puree. Followed by latte with camel pear tart. The Willard Elkhorn and shuamoto oysters on the half shell were delicious … Read more

Customer Review: Brian And Karen Mitchell

Ambience and the view. Service was superior and the food was divine

Customer Review: Leah B.

This is one of our most favorite places to dine. And by that I mean relax, take your time and enjoy the food, service and view – high upon a cliffside overlooking Samish Bay. Excellent on all counts!

Customer Review: Randy C.

First BEWARE: Google Plus’ address is WRONG. This restaurant is in Bow, the town just south of Bellingham and a 10-minute drive to the south of the location shown. The street address is correct but the town wrong and Google maps WILL lead you astray if you look for this address in Bellingham. So, when … Read more

Customer Review: Eugene M.

We each had an oyster on the half-shell: a kiss from the sea. These were from the Georgia Straight, Canada at its best!

Customer Review: Howard B.

Beautiful views, excellent food & the staff is lovely.

Customer Review: Denise H.

Great view, food and service. Baked and fried oysters were very good, as was the halibut. Suggest you make reservations 🙂

Customer Review: John K.

This place is excellent. A restaurant hooked onto a cliff overlooking puget sound. The view is incredible. I had the sweet onion soup which I was not a fan of. But, the Rainbow Trout dish was phenomonal.

Customer Review: Michael J. B.

Very nice place. Great service, good food! Amazing views.

Customer Review: Adam J.

I love stopping in at this place when I go out for scenic drives along Chuckanut drive or after a steep hike up to Oyster Dome. The view is fantastic and the staff is awesome, not to mention that it’s pretty much the best place to get oysters as fresh as possible, often harvested within … Read more

Customer Review: Peter H.

I dine at the Oyster Bar on a regular basis, and it has incredibly friendly and fun staff, peaceful ambience, great views over Samish Bay, and delicious food and wines. It is definitely one of the top restaurants in the state of Washington.

Customer Review: Jenny C

Good Chef he was cooking for a large private party and everyone in the dining room. Food was delicious, hot and on time. The view of the Sound was beautiful.

Customer Review: Allison B.

charming fine dining and oysters nestled in the trees on a steep forested slope overlooking the squamish oyster farm in the bay. fun experience. recommend sitting on the patio on a nice day and ordering the local oysters.

Customer Review: Mike S.

Best kept secret in Washington. Fantastic food, location and a wonderful staff. Snoqualmie Falls is about as close of a comparison as there is, and there is the obvious differences, but a very high level of quality, pinache, and an incredible wine selection. If you have time, enjoy.

Customer Review: Gerald K.

Great selection of the freshest West coast oysters. Loved the appetizer crab cake. Have stopped here numerous times on the way to Seattle. The ambience of the Chuckanut is part of the allure.

Customer Review: Jacqueline W

Was looking for the oyster supplier, but was too late by the time we got there. Luckily we found this place. Great view, good food and service! No pictures though as they have a sign asking patrons to refrain from using their cell phones.

Customer Review: Sydney C.

Wow. This was my first fine dining experience and it did not disappoint. I can not wait to come back and see it in the day time! Brilliant food and excellent service. It is a hidden gem for sure. Very down played.

Customer Review: Shawna B.

It was beautiful and the food tasted amazing, but my ingredients weren’t the same temperature.. I ordered the Crab cakes. I still left a good tip and will return again.

Customer Review: Lynx A.

Great food, service and views. Only complaint is beer and wine only. I like to enjoy an aged single malt Scotch with meals of this caliber. Still worth it though. Great spot.

Customer Review: Jay D.

Always love going to this place! It’s definitely not cheap, but for a fancy occasion it hard to beat. I go twice a year and have never had a bad experience. It is a really good spot to watch the sunset.

Customer Review: William W.

Excellent view across to the San Juan islands. Wide array of oyster varieties. We’ll informed and friendly staff. Excellent and interesting variety of flavorful seafood dishes.

Customer Review: Joseph M.

Started out with the steamed mussels and the marinated beet salad. Both were outstanding. The mussels were bigger than I’m used to getting, but seemed like the perfect size. The pistou brought the mussels to a new level! The beet salad was very good, but without any surprises (it was my wife’s anyway.. and she … Read more

Customer Review: Irena Z.

One of the best places I visited. Fresh oysters, amazing water view, a little pricey but totally worth it! Definitely will visit again on my next trip to Washington state!

Customer Review: David E.

This is a wow place for food and view. There oysters are their signature feature. The chef specials the day are always a delight. In the late afternoon, the view of Samish Bay and sunsets behind Samish Island and Anacortes breathtaking. As the sun sets, the lights on Samish Island adds to the scenic decor.

Customer Review: Don A.

Wonderful. Pricey but the service and food backs it up. We had a delicious dinner and superb oysters.

Customer Review: Kevin B.

Hidden gem that is worth the 10 mile drive off the interstate. Their chef is truly skilled, everything we ordered, 5 courses was perfectly executed and even surprising. Don’t leave without ordering the local oysters!

Customer Review: Keith J.

One my absolute favorite restaurants in Washington. Incredible food. Perfect service. And the view ain’t bad either. My friend and I had as close to a perfect meal as is possible.

Customer Review: Saints G.

I had the trout and my husband had the halibut for lunch. The food and service were amazing!! Definitely worth the price which was pretty reasonable for a higher end seafood restaurant. We will definitely be coming back for a dinner service.

Customer Review: ellsyd

View was spectacular on the beautiful, sunny day we had. Service was prompt and friendly. Food was good but not fantastic. Parking can a little tricky if the restaurant is busy.

Customer Review: Amie S.

Amazing views at sunset overlooking chuckanut sound. The service was beautiful, the food was incredible and I wish my cellar was stocked with all their wine. Thank you for a beautiful and memorable dinner

Customer Review: Jessica K.

Lovely restaurant with wonderful staff!! The food was absolutely amazing.

Customer Review: Vintage R.

Delicious grilled halibut chowder, without the overwhelming cream flavor one often finds. My partner’s truffle petrale sole special and my seafood stew were both a delight. The shared dessert was pear tartine with both cardamon and maple ice cream. We had the Wild Boar on the last visit. Not brilliant, but very good. The mashed … Read more

Customer Review: Laura H.

A quiet afternoon on the deck, with beautiful views. We ordered, oyster appetizer, entree was Wild Boar with Cherries & Harissa – it was EXCELLENT! Server was polite and attentive. It is off the beaten path, but worth the drive. Highway 11.

Customer Review: Ryan P.

Amazing drive, spectacular/secluded views. Truly one of the best salmon dishes I have had in my life – plus very personable/knowledgeable staff. Must go if u enjoy seafood.

Customer Review: Harrison I.

Very beautiful and great oysters

Customer Review: Eric W.

Really really good food, scenery and service. Prices to match, but we were not dissapointed. Fish and chips, seafood stew, gnocchi and mussels were all 5 star.

Customer Review: N Blesie

We came across this place while out for a drive on Chuckanut. The waitress was helpful and explained all the different flavors of oysters. The mac and cheese was delicious, as was the duck and crab cakes we ordered. I would visit again.

Customer Review: Carole H.

We’ve been here at least 3 times and it’s been especially great. Food is exceptional and wait staff have always been very friendly. We always look forward to going back. Highly recommend to friends and family and anyone who love great food.

Customer Review: vanessa

My husband and I shared an incredible Thanksgiving at The Oyster Bar. What a breathtaking view! We were lucky to get a corner window table and I felt like we had won the lottery. Sweeping views of the islands with bald eagles flying back and forth in front of us. The food and service surpassed … Read more

Customer Review: Kendle S.

The food was incredible! I had the filet mignon and lobster which was cooked to perfection. My boyfriend and I also had the crab cakes that came with a mango chutney that is to die for. Their wine list is amazing and the service was phenomenal! I will definitely be returning and ready to try … Read more

Customer Review: Susan M.

My husband took me to The Oyster Bar tonight for my birthday at sunset. Can’t beat the view . Wonderful service, great staff and the food is absolutely outstanding! Really enjoyed myself.

Customer Review: Curtis L.

Awesome service! The food was amazing as well! Best baked oysters I’ve ever had and the steak was perfection! Lobster is full of flavor as well! I will definitely be going back!

Customer Review: ignatius j.

Very nice. Quick service. Hot food. Good prices.

Customer Review: Dan L.

Outstanding food. Great service. The best fresh oysters.

Customer Review: Tina S.

OMG the food is exquisite. We had oysters, pork belly, and lobster & filet. The pork belly was the peak experience, I can’t recommend it enough. The flavor was intense and slightly smoky and wonderful. Not a cheap meal, but then, you’re paying for quality.      

Customer Review: c c

Great view, friendly staff and the food was excellent. The crab cake appetizer is a must.

Customer Review: Bennette D.

The scenery, especially if your from the midwest like myself, is so worth it. My top favorite raw Oyster was the Barron Oyster. The setting is very relaxing and wait staff superb.

Customer Review: shyni s.

Overpriced, BLAND and tiny portions! At these prices you would think they could afford some spices/seasoning and to put an adult size portion of food on the plate. Would have given 1 star except the view was excellent.

Customer Review: Katie N.

This gem is truly the best of the best. In our 14+ yrs. here, we have eaten here at least 100 times & we count it as our favorite dining destination. We love the small & intimate setting, the glorious, ever-changing view and the delightful service. And the food—extraordinary! We are going to make a … Read more

Customer Review: Chrissie P.

Really gourmet food and beautiful view. I was sad I didn’t have more of an appetite. Wine list is short but there is a good choice for every grape.

Customer Review: Rachel D.

I felt the fried oysters were salty and the crab cakes okay. The oyster bar leads me to think they have a predominantly oyster heavy menu but this is wrong. The half shell oysters are min 3.75 EACH and come with a warning that you eat at your own risk because you may get sick. … Read more

Customer Review: Cameron J.

What a great place to have a romantic meal or celebrate a special occasion! View was 5 stars, food was 5 stars, service was warm and welcoming.

Customer Review: Lydia M.

Love, love, love, the Oyster Bar. Beautiful views, super friendly service, excellent farm fresh food. I thought I didn’t like oysters but OMG the oysters and condiments to go with them are GLORIOUS. This was my second time there and will make it my an annual visit while visiting my son.

Customer Review: Dylan G.

Food was delicious! However, from where we were seated the water didn’t appear to be moving… perhaps the wave machine was off?

Customer Review: John S.

Excellent food and awesome dining experience.

Customer Review: Mohammad M.

Great restaurant. The view is absolutely gorgeous, especially close to sunset. If you like oysters, you shouldn’t miss their local oysters. The entrees are also delicious. We tried salmon and trout, and both were perfect.

Customer Review: Gordon G.

The service was exceptional and everything that came to the table was perfectly prepared. We had a great time. Looking forward to coming back.

Customer Review: Kristin

I don’t do fancy restaurants. Ever. I usually don’t like the food and I don’t drink, so I’m like, what’s the point? I happened to be dating a fancy food liking guy, at the time. And it was his birthday. We were driving back from Darrington and he wanted me to have my first oyster … Read more

Customer Review: Z K

Beautiful location, excellent food, amazing service! Highly recommend the cioppino soup!

Customer Review: Matt H.

One of the very best restaurants in NW Washington. Excellent wine selection. Top quality and variety of Northwest cuisine including fresh oysters on the half shell. You will not be disappointed but it will be expensive. Like

Customer Review: Kali R.

Loved it. Food and service was perfect. The drive there is beautiful and scenic and and it doesnt end when you arrive. Got an amazing veiw of the waters and beach, perfect sunset view and everything. They food was amazing and the service was above and beyond with john our server, he was great and … Read more

Customer Review: Cody H.

My first respectfully fine dining experience. My fiance and I went here for our 4 year anniversary and it was a fun and beautiful experience. We got to sit on the deck overlooking the water and it was beautiful. The meal was multicourse starting with a salad and bread. A champagne sorbet is used as … Read more

Customer Review: Clayton C.

Great place for a romantic birthday dinner at sunset!

Customer Review: Andrew D

Me and my wife have been coming here for over 14 years. This is a great restaurant where the price is merited. The food and staff are great, the food is very good and they have an awesome view.    

Customer Review: Sarah C.

When it came time for me to decide where I wanted to have my August birthday dinner, I immediately thought of The Oyster Bar. Yes, it is more expensive, but the food , presentation and view are worth it. Even more appreciated is the small setting and lack of extraneous noise. You can actually have … Read more

Customer Review: jorge l.

So many choices, just went in for the oysters wish we had stayed for dinner. From buttery to sweet all were fresh and delicious I still wish they had had the traditional horseradish. truly enjoyed the views. The staff friendly and professional.

Customer Review: Lili McGovern F.

Every experience we’ve had here has been outstanding! Plan for a leisurely delicious meal with lots of time for enjoying the view and your companion (s).

Customer Review: Eric H.

Best stake I have ever had. Great service friendly people. A+++

Customer Review: Darren O.

Excellent food and service! Very nice and tasty

Customer Review: Jessica K.

Lovely restaurant with wonderful staff!! The food was absolutely amazing.

Customer Review: Scott W

Very nice place with beautiful views of San Juans. Food was excellent and service the best. Not cheap, but well worth the money.

Customer Review: Cameron J

What a great place to have a romantic meal or celebrate a special occasion! View was 5 stars, food was 5 stars, service was warm and welcoming.

Customer Review: Dan L.

Outstanding food. Great service. The best fresh oysters.

Customer Review: Howard B.

Beautiful views, excellent food & the staff is lovely.

Customer Review: Jadey

Celebrating birthdays at The Oyster Bar has been a family tradition for years. We love going when lobster is in season. There’s always something delicious on the menu and the bread baskets are fabulous. The view is the best out of any restaurant currently in the area. We love sitting in a booth. Be sure … Read more

Customer Review: Dr Robert A.

One of my most favorite places to have baked oysters. They farm them in the bay that you can see from your dining room table. Beautiful wine selection for such a remote spot. Stunning drive down Chuckanut drive to the restaurant.

Customer Review: Carmen C.

New to Bellingham. We drove by and saw that the Oyster Bar was open. They sat us even though we hadn’t made a reservation. Our waiter was so kind and thoughtful. The food was fantastic. I can’t wait to eat here again

Customer Review: Rodney S.

Definitely a five star experience top of the line seafood menu.Very attentive and personal service.With the view of the Bay made it very relaxing .

Customer Review: Kylene P

Atmosphere: GORGEOUS view, clean, beautiful, friendly staff, good dinner music, a fine dining experience Food: OUTSTANDING! Everything we tried we loved! I have a garlic allergy and I was over the moon that I could have a ravioli that was flavor with black truffle and not garlic – delicious x 10! Reccomend: Try the fizzes … Read more

Customer Review: Jenny and Paul H.

Such a great meal for a celebration. Perfect service. Perfect view!

Customer Review: Z K

Beautiful location, excellent food, amazing service! Highly recommend the cioppino soup!

Customer Review: LJP

Excellent oysters. Excellent food!

Customer Review: John G.

Fantastic food, atmosphere and the best waiters and waitresses in the business. The most complete wine list north of Seattle. Do you like oysters? Another plus!

Customer Review: Andreas R.

GREAT LOCATION!! With this kind of atmosphere and view, you could get away with mediocre food. Fortunately, you get both: a beautiful setting in the middle of tree tops with ocean view AND great food. Paired with excellent service, this is a “must stop” on Chuckanut Drive. Pricey, but worth it.

Customer Review: Ken R.

Not a lot of seating and reservations are recommended. Great View!

Customer Review: Susan

I can only echo every 5 star review. The most beautiful view to savor while tasting delicious fare and excellent wines. The service is unparralled. Any opportunity to choose a place to dine, The Oyster Bar is my number one.

Customer Review: S P (SANNA GREY DESIGN)

Amazing views! We had already eaten prior to visiting the oyster bar but we had to step in because of the views. We ended up having dessert and wine while watching the sunset. Service was excellent. Dessert was delicious and the waiters suggestion of dessert wine to pair with the dessert was spot on. The … Read more

Customer Review: Shanda M.

Our first visit here and we were very pleased. The wait staff are very efficient ans the food superb! Salmon chowder was delicious as well as the entrees. Atmosphere was good, with the music playing just right. Parking is a little tough and I would recommend a reservation. Priced in 5 Star range. Will definitely … Read more

Customer Review: Carlton G

Great meal and raw oysters celebrating my wife’s Dianne birthday

Customer Review: seeking waterfall

A view to kill. A sunset to dream away. The portion is small and pricey, but superb service. The best coffee I ever tasted. Dessert is a must!

Customer Review: Summer H.

Fantastic meal! Staff was knowledgeable and attentive. Atmosphere was perfect for our date! They have a great wine selection as well.

Customer Review: Tatyana P.

Superb food, great oysters and so is service. View is beyond beautiful.

Customer Review: Russ W.

Incredible view, the oysters are of course exceptional, but so is the rest of.the food!

Customer Review: Carole Louise H.

Our family of five enjoyed the food very much. My mom had the black cod which I tasted and was delicious. The rest of us all had steaks and were also wonderful. The attention we had was absolutely great. Our waitress was new of two weeks but was great and very attentive but not overbearing. … Read more

Customer Review: Nawras N.

I celebrate all my special events here. Like when I got my * Citizenship * The driver license * Graduated from the College * My birthdays * The Muslim special days which call it Eid * and more My friends and I drive for close to 2 hours just to make it to the The … Read more

Customer Review: Ben M.

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary with a drive from Seattle to the Chuckanut Drive and the Oyster Bar for a celebratory lunch. It was absolutely delightful. The food was excellent, the service was the best and the view is outstanding. We started with a dozen and a half of the most delicious, freshest … Read more

Customer Review: amy g

Comfortable, classy dining, beautiful view and well prepared food. The servers are solid and accommodating. Truly enjoyed our evening.

Customer Review: Karen G.

Their food is outstanding! We are fairly new to the area, being from a bigger city with more higher end restaurants, we found it hard to find a fine dining place! This place was just incredible! From their amazing oysters, to their huge wine selection! We were truly impressed! We were able to try sturgeon … Read more

Customer Review: Dennis W.

Friendly service to go along with great food and a dynamite sunset view of the bay.

Customer Review: A. K.

Amazing and flavorful food. Beautiful views! Wonderful sunset.

Customer Review: Aaron T.

Quaint, 😋, not too pretentious at all. Food was amazing and well priced. Parking can be difficult and reservations are recommended. Of course get the raw oysters if you are here. Fresh and wonderful. Strawberry salad was great, bread fresh and warm, the main courses are to die for.

Customer Review: Liza S.

The place is great. The oysters were fresh and delicious!

Customer Review: Soda Q.

Great food, super customer service!

Customer Review: Vadim S.

Delicious food and nice view, great customer service.

Customer Review: Jose’ G

Wonderful selection of oysters with an amazing view! Great place for a date

Customer Review: Keelan S.

Unique oyster experience! You can literally watch the oysters go from the water to your plate.

Customer Review: Paul R.

Wonderful restaurant. Superb seafood as well as great meat, including venison. Nice atmosphere, views over the sound, excellent service. And to top it off, a great, extensive wine list.

Customer Review: Squiggles’ Crumbs

Great service, beautiful food and great beverage selection. The bathrooms were clean and interior well maintained. Oyster selection varies day to day.

Customer Review: Omar A.

Had a great experience. The food was excellent especially their asparagus soup. Our server was also super sweet and helpful.

Customer Review: Kasey K.

Great views, food and service.

Customer Review: Lake

Exceptional fare offered in Courses. Best of luck deciding…elegance in delishiousness abound!

Customer Review: David P.

Fantastic view. Fantastic experience.

Customer Review: Alexei M.

Amazing food and service. Prices are decent and there is a huge wine selection! Clean restrooms and a fair amount of parking. Reservations are recommended, they seem busy on the weekends.

Customer Review: Joe F.

Had a wonderful meal to celebrate our anniversary

Customer Review: maxine p.

LOIS was our waitress/server, she was very personable, friendly and professional. She knows customer service, if everyone could be like her a restaurant would have wings.

Customer Review: Celeste L.

Excellent, we had a great dinner with family at the sunset time , highly recommended

Customer Review: Chris J.

A fantastic experience. Great food, impeccable service, beautiful setting. We have eaten in many good restaurants but this is our new favourite. 10/10 will be back.

Customer Review: Marie M.

Delicious food prepared to perfection with artful presentation. Attentive wait staff all in a picturesque location.

Customer Review: Bryan M

Great cuisine with amazing view of SanJuan Islands and excellent service.

Customer Review: Brian P.

What a little gem. Great food, wine, views. Nice stop during a Chuckanut drive.

Customer Review: Tyler C.

Excellent view and incredible food. Call ahead if dining on or around the weekend.

Customer Review: Andrew W.

First time here, very warm and welcoming even on a cold/dark night! Incredibly friendly staff, very helpful with questions I had, and the food was phenomenal. My wife and I both tried the specials (black cod and bison) and both were delicious and tender, the morel mushrooms on the cod were a favorite for both … Read more

Customer Review: robby k.

By far the best dinner I’ve ever had, and thanks to John for the magnificent service, if you have ever eaten here you know Heaven …

Customer Review: Kareem F.

Best lobster tail I’ve ever had, bar none. Lovely ambience, stunning views, attentive service, great wine list, and the lobster — oh, the lobster. My wife and I enjoyed The Oyster Bar so much that we returned the very next night while on vacation in the Bellingham area.

Customer Review: Maurya B.

Love the Oyster Bar. The seafood is superb, fresh oysters on the half shell are outstanding along with the whole menu. The view from the tables renders a magical view of the islands and water. Great wine selection and the wait staff is very professional and personable. Top notch dinning experience.

Customer Review: Andreas M.

Didn’t know what to expect. Terrific food, big city prices. (Per oyster price more than Taylor Shellfish in Seattle) But killer view, good service and artisan menu, looked like nice wine cellar too.

Customer Review: Anna K.

Food was very delicious. Baked oysters were the best. It’s good expansive restaurant.

Customer Review: Sofie B

Best fried oysters out there, as a broke college student this place was worth every penny 🙂

Customer Review: Jon F

Hadn’t been here in years but glad I came back. Food was as outstanding as I remembered, view is great and service attentive. Probably the best Cioppino I have ever had, seafood was cooked perfectly and the broth was amazing. The small green salad had a light vinaigrette with blue cheese apples and walnuts, perfectly … Read more

Customer Review: Lukas L

The service and food were spot on. The view over puget sound was absolutely stunning. Interior was warm and welcoming. Big plus for having music on a very low level in the background. We ve ordered the salmon and a dozen of oysters. Perfect match! 5 stars!

Customer Review: Justin F

Great atmosphere. Everything we had was cooked perfectly. Just wished we saved room for dessert on my birthday.

Customer Review: Nikki A.

Amazing food with an amazing view. The staff were informative and friendly. The food was to die for.

Customer Review: Sean N.

Went there for our 25th wedding anniversary and had a great dinning experience, the food was spot on from appetizers to the entrees! Thanks Sean and Stephanie

Customer Review: Paul M.

After walking the beach at Larabee, we stopped by this place… It was SO much better than we expected! We were lucky, because they had a reservation that cancelled, so we were able to get an incredible window view! I’d like to thank the staff and server for the exceptional service and wonderful experience!

Customer Review: Patrick D

From the service to the view to the food, everything was remarkable. We’d go again in a minute. Thanks for making my sons birthday memorable.

Customer Review: Adam-Omar J.

This is the best place to get oysters as fresh as they come aside from harvesting them yourself. When I last visited, we watched them pulling up baskets while we ate! You’ve got pristine views of the San Juan Islands and Anacortes, even on a typical cloudy winter day, and the building is modest and … Read more

Customer Review: Clive C.

Possibly the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life! My wife and I went out for a retirement dinner and wanted to go somewhere special. So glad we chose to go to The Oyster Bar. Oysters were fantastic, along with everything else! Staff was friendly and attentative. We’re average blue collar type people and … Read more

Customer Review: Jessee M.

Really neat to see where all of the seafood is caught and sorted. Staff are always super friendly, and the seafood is guaranteed fresh! Just be wary of the road coming in if you don’t have a car that could handle a bit of mud here and there.

Customer Review: Nicole S.

Very tasty oysters and crab cakes. Beautiful drive up to this restaurant along with a beautiful view. i would come here again!

Customer Review: Davis G.

Delicious fresh oysters. The entrees had amazing drizzled sauce with subtle flavor combinations. I especially enjoyed the pear sorbet with a Riesling pour over.

Customer Review: Paul van D.

Mid winter, mid week, light snow, light(as in only us) crowd. Jax , our server, was friendly and accomodating. Her intimate knowledge of wines btg was correct and appropriate for our food choices. 18 mixed oysters were fresh and delicious with only a squeeze of lemon to brighten the flavors. Which was good as the … Read more

Customer Review: Eryn C.

Loved this little spot on Chukanut Drive. Fine dining for lunch and dinner with a beautiful setting and scrumptious food. We had the mussel appetizer, shrimp and also the salmon.

Customer Review: Will H.

Beautiful view with above average food. This restaurant sits on a cliff off of the Chuckanut Drive and has stunning views of the water. The wine menu is huge and the food was quite tasty. I recommend this restaurant for a special occasion and would sit on the deck again (even on a chilly evening … Read more

Customer Review: Laurrie Z

After the beautiful drive along Chuckanut Drive we popped in here for an early dinner and The view over oyster Bay was exquisite the water was shimmering the food was awesome my father had the trout and I had crab cakes and they were done perfectly get a little bit of sorbet before your dinner … Read more

Customer Review: Angela S.

They were awesome! We went for my parents 49th anniversary and the staff went above and beyond the call of duty. They even brought in a special comfy chair for my dad to sit in because of his cancer. The food and wine was great! My mom especially loved the little wine sorbet palate cleanser … Read more

Customer Review: Michael J

This place is Heaven.. Service was excellent very laid back,views to die for. We just stopped for a couple of drinks and some appetizers on the way through. They have upstairs and downstairs seating with a very nice patio and did I mention the views? Wine list is fantastic, if they don’t have the type … Read more

Customer Review: Outdoor World

Great service and fresh oysters. We have good time here. Highly recommend. Thanks.

Customer Review: Lake

Your taste buds will be in conflict with your sight over which is more impressive given the delectable cuisine and breathtaking views of Samish Bay. Expect to pay. Although, I do not believe there is any one thing that will disappoint during a visit to The Oyster Bar. Enjoy!

Customer Review: Linda C.

The meal was fabulous and as always the view is breathtaking. This is always worth the drive up from Seattle. So wonderful that they are open for lunch and dinner. A place to take your out of town guests and WOW them. The drive on Chuckanut is a bonus.

Customer Review: Alan M.

After way too many years of wanting to dine here, my wife and daughter treated me for Father’s Day. This was our first experience in a restaurant of such high quality, and it was definitely worth the wait. The food was excellent, very creative, delicious, and well presented. Plus the service, and view were exceptional. … Read more

Customer Review: Isaac H.

A great surprise close to the Oyster Dome trail. The jazz music playing over the speakers, the beautiful view, and the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen provides a great environment for date nights or just relaxing after 5 hrs in the mountains. P.S. Shane is a great server.

Customer Review: M H

Great dinner but filet was over cooked. It should not have been but the view

Customer Review: Bill M

This is a favorite high end dining experience for the area. Service, food, views and the building are all fantastic. When available the gazpacho is notable — the best we have had anyplace. We use this as a destination for special dates as well as a place to take guests. Fish tacos are among the … Read more

Customer Review: Vanessa V.

This place is incredible! I am not a seafood person and yet I have loved everything I’ve had here. The desserts are superb, and it’s so hard to choose between indoor or outdoor seating because both are just so beautiful. Such a wonderful dining experience!

Customer Review: Jennifer K.

Delicious! A perfect place for a celebratory meal!

Customer Review: Hannah M.

Wonderful dinner location for an evening out or a date night. The food is delicious and they have a large wine selection. The fish is always cooked to perfection. The staff is friendly with great service. Beautiful views from indoors or outside on the deck. Make a reservation in advance as they are typically booked.

Customer Review: Cheryl O.

Husband had the Halibut and I had salmon. Both were super moist and spiced perfectly. Our server was amazing. Thank you!

Customer Review: Jimmy K.

Dreamy romantic spot, especially around the holidays with tasty oysters and bald eagles looking on. After we headed back home I realized I left my credit card. No problem for the Oyster Bar, they shipped me my card promptly.

Customer Review: Suzie

Took a drive out here on a cold winter day for lunch and it was worth every mile! I had two kinds of oysters and it was the best oysters I have ever had. Far better than anything in Seattle. The Grand Marnier cheesecake is to die for and the Salmon Pastrami is like none … Read more

Customer Review: Michelle G

My Husband and I are from out of town and just celebrated our 15 year anniversary here. He is not an Oyster fan, but we were both very impressed with our selection. Our favorite was the Kumamoto, 2nd was the Shigoku and we also liked the Dabob Bay. The atmosphere was quaint and romantic. Our … Read more

Customer Review: Nainy A.

We were group of four people and pretty full but on the way to chuckanut drive, we decided to stop at Oyester bar on a friend’s recommendation! We all were glad, we did stop at this place!! Covidwise this place did follow the guidelines. The staff was friendly and welcoming! Dining area had great view … Read more

Customer Review: Ilijah

Delicious Food, Amazing Ambiance! Sean is the best! We’ll definitely come back!

Customer Review: Sarah P.

Went here last night with my husband. I’ve never had fresher or better tasting oysters!! The food and the service was impeccable and you CANNOT beat the view of the bay on a sunny evening!! Parking is a little difficult….so be prepared to walk in the road a bit to get there.

Customer Review: David R.

Great place for oyster! It’s so fresh and tasty that you should never miss it! My son used to hate oyster but he ate 4 pieces today! A soft reminder that you need reservation in advance, it’s such a hot place!

Customer Review: P E

4 months ago Amazing 🤩 Great food, great service and such a good experience! We got all of the oysters they had for an oyster tasting, mussels, and the cardamom ice cream, so good!!

Customer Review: Tiffanie F.

Absolutely AMAZING! I recommend trying one of each oyster. The flavor profile described for each one is spot on. Their fish was cooked perfectly. Staff is amazing. Get a seat outside. It is beautiful. Definitely a 5 star restaurant. You will not be disappointed. It was even relaxing. Completely lost track of time. A new … Read more

Customer Review: Eric “Mike” S.

Exxxxpppeeensiiiive, but….. We went here for my birthday. The shrimp was perfect, the lobster divine, the fillet excellent. I don’t normally like cooked carrots but they cooked all of the sides perfectly. Quite the amazing wine selection and a view to die for. We ordered more than 2 of every oyster and they were all … Read more

Customer Review: Tracey F.

Very upscale restaurant. Raw oysters are the main dish. They offer a large selection of oysters from various places around the country. I had the baked oysters which were excellent. The rest of the menu has a great selection of great food. Excellent view.

Customer Review: good advice

Amazing food and wine selection! Loved the view and the old building, seating on the outdoor deck overlooking the Sound was amazing. They had gluten free dishes and the staff was very knowledgeable. I got the vegan truffle cake, delicious! Very fancy, don’t forget your mask

Customer Review: Alex Y.

We had a dozen assorted oysters with frozen mignonette, smoked salmon chowder, rainbow trout stuffed with scallops, chocolate truffle cake (a semisweet betê noir), and hazelnut wine. My favorite part of the meal was the oysters. The frozen mignonette was fabulous and unique. I’d suggest coming before the sunset (if that ever does happen in … Read more

Customer Review: Joseph G.

Great little place with great view of the Salish sea. Very good service. Food was above average. A bit pricey.

Customer Review: Amy H.

Amazing views from this cozy, but elegant historical establishment. Great service, smaller, focused menu lends to high quality and consistency. The oyster selection couldn’t be more fresh, and the Smoked Halibut Chowder is not to be missed!

Customer Review: Teri G.

Went here for our anniversary dinner with friends and Had a Blast!! Amazing views, and the service from start to finish was awesome. Very helpful with pairings etc. And the food, well they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here you go. Crab cakes. Salmon with added gulf coast prawns. Pheasant. Fresh … Read more

Customer Review: Nora Hunt

This is my family’s favorite restaurant and we always come here when visiting my parents. The view is perfection and such a lovely fine dining experience every time. The staff are all such professionals and everything on the menu is fresh and delicious. If you want a special night out with family or an upscale … Read more

Customer Review: Pat T.

5 stars

Customer Review: Joe B.

5 stars

Customer Review: Connor S.

5 stars

Customer Review: Jodi S.

5 stars

Customer Review: John K.

5 stars

Customer Review: Robert M.

Always excellent

Customer Review: Karen F.

I think I found my new favorite place!

Customer Review: Del Z.

Great choice for fine dining w/excellent wine selection. Try the Pahmeyer/Jayson chardonnay with poached halibut. Don’t forget the desert! Well worth the drive… 😎

Customer Review: Michael G.

Great Room. Great server. Oysters. Excellent oysters.

Customer Review: Ashlee L.

Amazing meal! Great ambiance and view. One of our favorite places.

Customer Review: Mike M.

My wife and I love it. Great food, great service, great views.

Customer Review: Michael W L.

Worth the long remote drive. Food is exquisite – and the oysters: you are literally watching the boats bring in the oysters from the beds. Unmatched views.

Customer Review: Sallie L.

Awesome food and friendly staff. We will be back soon.

Customer Review: Osiyeza Z.

Superb ambiance, great service, spectacular menu. Never had a bad experience, always a pleasure to visit. The Chef creates delectable masterpieces bursting with flavor that leaves you pleasantly satisfied.

Customer Review: Chris Davis B.

Truly charming atmosphere, fabulous view & even better food! Waite staff friendly & knowledgeable. Made excellent suggestions and very willing to visit

Customer Review: Debbie Czarnecki R.

Last night was our 2nd time eating a treat of a meal! The Oyster Bar is by far the best dining experience in the area! Delicious gourmet food, beautiful scenery and excellent service!

Customer Review: Edda B.

Eine Unzahl von bereits geparkten Autos machte uns auf die Oyster Bar aufmerksam. Das muss wohl ein gutes Restaurant sein, dachten wir. Und wir wurden nicht enttäuscht! Ausgezeichnetes Seafood und sehr freundliche Bedienung, und ein wunderschöner Ausblick aufs Meer! Ganz super und absolut empfehlenswert!

Customer Review: Molly Fulghum K.

Such a charming place with lovely food. A wonderful choice for a romantic meal.

Customer Review: Stephen S.

Best baked oysters(perfect),rest of menu excellent too,service to match but the view completes the experience

Customer Review: Jackie Williams M.

Fantastic food, view, and service. One must try it.

Customer Review: Irene D S.

Loved the food and the service. View was pretty great too.

Customer Review: Debbie S

Awsome staff. Awsome view.. best way to enjoy a meal while watching the sunset.

Customer Review: Dennis C

Absolutely superb service, wonderful views, and divine oysters…. Our favorite place for a delightful lunch.

Customer Review: Laura B.

One of my favorite places. I am not a big fan of oysters. I’ve ordered the lamb twice. It was prepared differently both times and both times was amazing. I also love the lodge-type vibe and views.

Customer Review: Nawras N.

I celebrate all my special events here. Like when I got my * Citizenship * The driver license * Graduated from the College… See more Tasting menus · Healthy options · Creative cuisine · Romantic atmosphere · Scenic views · Fine dining · Great food · Best brunch

Customer Review: Aspen Staples-W.

What a Fantastic Way to spend Thanksgiving. Best Oysters and Crab Brulle

Customer Review: Sarah W.

Have always loved this place, amazing food, service, and view. Recommend to all my friends! 5 stars

Customer Review: Javier Morales D

The BEST!!!! of what washington has to offer.

Customer Review: Chris W

great food with amazing view !

Customer Review: Brandon E.

Excellent restaurant with a great view and good food!

Customer Review: Greg H.

Waiter was knowledgeable, food was fresh and delicious. Farm-to-table · Creative cuisine · Daily specials

Customer Review: Mike C.

the oysters were amazing I had the bison my wife had the steak.

Customer Review: Jenny Lintner D.

This is our “special occasion” restaurant. It’s a bit spendy, but so worth it. The staff are always welcoming and attentive. you’re never rushed, the view is gorgeous and the food is absolutely delicious. be sure to make a reservation because it’s small and popular. Cosy atmosphere · Creative cuisine · Romantic atmosphere · Great … Read more

Customer Review: Eunice Anderson E.

Great service and Great Food! 🙌🙌 Fine dining · Late-night dining

Customer Review: Terri W.

Fabulous! Needed a nice place for a celebration dinner. This place fit the bill perfectly. Ambiance, service and food were all terrific. We will be back!

Customer Review: Kristie C.

We love love love this place. Wonderful food and wonderful views. Scenic views · Great food

Customer Review: Mark O.

The food obviously, the location it’s beautiful the view from the deck. The service is great.

Customer Review: John M.

Amazing view Amazing food. Bucket list item😃. Great food

Customer Review: Nancy B.

Great seafood, great service and a wonderful view. You can always rely on the Oyster Bar to deliver. Great food · Scenic views · Outdoor dining

Customer Review: Autumn O.

Fabulous oysters, a great wine list and a perfect view of the sunset Romantic atmosphere · Cosy atmosphere · Creative cuisine

Customer Review: Susan T.

Can’t beat the views of the oyster beds while eating a nice dozen. Fine dining · Outdoor dining · Scenic views · Romantic atmosphere

Customer Review: Odie W.

One of our favorite place worth the scenic drive The food is incredible Fine dining · Cosy atmosphere · Romantic atmosphere

Customer Review: Michele B.

fine dining. fresh food. nice service and view of the bay. Great food

Customer Review: Diane Martindale-C.

The view would be amazing if it weren’t for the smoke from the fires! Great food

Customer Review: Tauna Pierce T.

A unique experience both culinary and atmosphere. A killer view. Fine dining · Romantic atmosphere · Large wine list · Scenic views · Great food

Customer Review: Martha Montemayor L.

Great food, scenery and good service. Scenic views

Customer Review: Vicki McClure K.

Our favorite place to dine for special occasions. Perfectly prepared food, attentive and knowledgeable staff, and amazing views. If you haven’t enjoyed this great spot you should add it to your bucket list! Large wine list · Fine dining · Romantic atmosphere · Scenic views · Great food

Customer Review: Colleen W.

This was our first fine dining experience since isolating for the pandemic. The whole experience would be in my top 5 lifetime favorites even if it wasn’t our first outing. The food, wine, service was wonderful and the views from our table on the deck were spectacular. LOVE this restaurant! Great food · Scenic views … Read more

Customer Review: Joni Adams M.

Amazing views, and the service was some of the best we’ve had, anywhere… Cosy atmosphere · Great food

Customer Review: Yvonne S.

Great atmosphere wait staff was very accommodating knowledgeable, caring ,Informative even took photographs of our table couldn’t ask for better we recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to go food was delicious Cosy atmosphere · Creative cuisine · Romantic atmosphere · Scenic views · Outdoor dining

Customer Review: Wayne G.

Divine. Marlo was awesome…

Customer Review: Mike B.

Food, atmosphere and view is a great combination!

Customer Review: Linda Cook G.

The food was amazing! Our Server Jonn was outstanding and fun. Thank you Jonn for you great service and making us feel so special on our 40th Anniversary Fine dining

Customer Review: Kenny K.

The view is amazing, and unlike most restaurants known for location, the food is every bit as good as the view! I especially liked the cioppino and the complementary cheese soufflés. Their specials are always interesting too. Cosy atmosphere · Scenic views

Customer Review: Vicky Macapinlac V.

Always a great experience Romantic atmosphere · Indoor Dining

Customer Review: Shannon P.

Everything! Our dinner was lovely. The oysters were delicious, and the steak and lobster melted in my mouth. I cannot wait to go back.

Customer Review: The Culinary Couple

Typically a restaurant with such an amazing view has mediocre food, The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut, is one of the exceptions. We are foodies by trade, (My wife’s cookbook is still flying off the shelves, Amazon cant keep it in stock), so we know our stuff and when you ask the server for recommendations, (Bri), … Read more

Customer Review: Julie Warren D.

The best meal we have had in a very long time! The food was spectacular, from the appetizers through dessert! And the service was amazing! We will be back very soon! Can’t wait! Scenic views · Great food · Romantic atmosphere · Large wine list · Indoor Dining · Stylish interior · Fine dining

Customer Review: Maria R.

Not only was the service very slow (we began to think they were closed because we were the only ones in there), but the heater wasn’t on and it was very chilly. We finally caught someone’s attention who told us they hadn’t turned the heater on yet. We asked for menus anyway. We were seated … Read more

Customer Review: Bill R.

the view is special and the service is too. Romantic atmosphere · Outdoor dining

Customer Review: Judy H.

beautiful food, view, and experience Indoor Dining

Customer Review: Stephanie F.

Lesson learned, should have learned how to communicate with the server when the foods not quite right. We were greeted with you are early, we have no additional seating, no bar. No inside bathroom. Should check to see the tide tables, I guess. The tide was zero, so only mud flats. The waitress never asked … Read more

Customer Review: Mandy Amundson N.

Staff was amazing and very helpful picking out which oysters to try. View was breath taking and thr food was next level

Customer Review: Jessica A. S.

Great experience- gourmet food and beautiful setting! Outdoor dining · Indoor Dining

Customer Review: Jason H.

Great!!! Fantastic. Oysters were Scrumptious Fast delivery · Indoor Dining · Outdoor dining · Romantic atmosphere

Customer Review: Robin T.

Even with NO power they ROCKED our diner for eight!!!! Everything was just lovely and delish!!!!!! Will definitely be back!!!!! 🤩 Scenic views · Hip atmosphere · Great food · Great dessert · Large wine list · Daily specials · Fine dining · Good salad · Romantic atmosphere

Customer Review: Raymond H.

Great view, awesome food and service

Customer Review: Kathryn M.

Such a lovely experience. Will be back for more oysters, the tremendous wine list and the great service. Thank you! Romantic atmosphere

Customer Review: Don J.

Great cuisine and so much more than oysters. Great service and love the views as the sun goes down over the water. Romantic atmosphere · Large wine list · Scenic views · Tasting menus

Customer Review: Bryan M

Great cuisine and large wine list, plus superb view of sunsets over the San Juan Islands. Creative cuisine · Good salad · Great food · Large wine list · Romantic atmosphere · Stylish interior · Fine dining

Customer Review: Claudia S.

Great service, great environment, great food and wine’s list. Thank you for a great evening in our 20th Anniversary! Romantic atmosphere

Customer Review: Rebecca L.

Gorgeous view!!! Worth the money. Worth the experience.

Customer Review: Mike W.

Food was delicious. Service was 8 out of 10. Plan on spending a decent amount but worth it. Nice views of Samish Bay. Indoor Dining

Customer Review: Doug D