4 Best Things To See In The San Juans Before Dinner At The Oyster Bar

Before you head over to The Oyster Bar (just south of Bellingham, WA), make sure that you hit some local attractions in the San Juans. From sights and landmarks to nature parks, there is something for everyone. Then, with your appetite worked up, you can head over to see us at The Oyster Bar.

#1 – Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Between Wold Road Lake and the Olympic Mountain, there are twenty-five acres of breathtaking land that houses the Pelindaba Lavender Farm. This place is one of the most sought-after destinations in all of the San Juans. At this location, you can purchase personal care packages, therapeutic items, and household products, to name a few.

#2 – Zip San Juan 

Want to get your heart-rate up while taking in the sights and sounds of the San Juans? Well, you need to head over to Zip San Juan. With eight zip lines to choose from, you can witnesses an inhabited lake by otters, protected wetlands of the Pacific Northwest, and the San Juan Island itself. Each tour lasts about three hours to help you plan accordingly.

#3 – Lime Kiln Point State Park 

With almost 37 acres to explore, the Lime Kiln Point State Park has everything you can expect from a Pacific Northwest state park. There is the ocean, thousands of feet of shoreline, dense forests, and even a lighthouse. What more could you ask for to experience a fantastic time?

#4 – Turtleback Mountain

One of the best views you will get in the San Juans is when you hike Turtleback Mountain. With an easy hike to the top, you will get a stellar view of the one and only Massacre Bay. This hike certainly would be a superb start to a morning or afternoon experience.