How to Pair Wine with a Seafood Dinner

Go beyond dinner and become a wine expert with four great seafood pairing ideas of the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive!

Following the Pacific Northwest culinary traditions:
What grows together goes together”

What grows together goes together” – This proverb is used to guide wine and food pairing globally. The rule prescribed to combine the grown in the area food with local wine.

Globalization, migration, and consumption trends have resulted in the emergence of hybrid cuisines that significantly feature the Pacific Northwest culinary traditions.

The modern cooking style of the Pacific Northwest is traditional and modern at the same time.
In the following 4 sets, we reflected the rich traditions of diverse cultures, excellent wines, the best local seafood, and advanced cooking methods.

#1 – Muscadet Sevre et Maine (36 $) with Baked Oysters (16.50 $) or Fried oysters (22.95 $)

The classic pairing for oysters, dry, firm, clean and refreshing Muscadet will never frustrate you! With wonderful freshness and minerality, it will be a great match for our Baked oysters or Fried oysters.

Importantly, Muscadet will be a harmonious combination for other ingredients of the dishes too. The difference is in notes.

If you choose Baked Oysters with pancetta, you will enjoy a more traditional heirloom tomato taste. Fried Oysters, in contrast, will surprise you with apple aioli fragrant savor.

#2 – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (38 $) with Salmon Pastrami Sandwich (21.95 $)

Go beyond the traditional pairing champagne–cured salmon and enrich your dining experience with dry and fruity New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

This pairing will woo you with the original contrasting taste of the fresh and tropical wine and the carefully selected house-made rye bread and Emmental cheese.

#3 – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (70 $) with Cioppino (25.95 $)

While choosing the perfect wine combination for Cioppino, it’s essential to consider the rich ingredients of the rustic American-Italian fishy stew. Mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, and fish, simmered with fennel and tomatoes in a spicy saffron stew.

This means that both white and red wines will go well.
Experiment and pick red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo! This Italian lighter is incredibly aromatic with plenty of peppery notes and it will beautifully complement Cioppino thanks to its pleasing acidity and low tannins.

#4 – Dibon – Cava (31 $) with Crab Cakes (23.50 $)

Our original crabmeat cakes are combined with mango chutney, curry aioli, and sautéed vegetables. Such rich flavors can work perfectly with lots of sparkling wines or champagne.
With its impressive floral aromas and pear/melon-like notes, Catalonian Dibon-Cava will be the perfect accompaniment for these cakes.

Like champagne, Cava is produced with the application with the same method but with different grapes, Macabeu. Their tastes are similar to green almonds and have floral aromatics and a lemony flavor.

Try more original wine food combinations on the cozy patio of the Oyster Bar while enjoying the picturesque scenery of Samish Bay. Call 360-223-5811.