5 reasons YOU should visit the Chuckanut Oyster Bar

Visit Chuckanut Oyster Bar

In July of 2016, our little restaurant was featured in a Seattle PI piece “Washington’s Best Road Trip Restaurants.” We were selected as a part of a readers poll which asked: where do you go to eat on your way to Canada, Oregon, Idaho or your favorite hiking spot?

While we’re happy that local outdoors enthusiasts appreciate our well-sourced cuisine and delectable desserts, we wondered, why else do people come visit us out here on Chuckanut Drive?

So, in a style that is all too common in the web today, we decided to make a “5 reasons YOU should visit the Chuckanut Oyster Bar” list.

Reason 1: The gorgeous Chuckanut Drive

Ever felt a little stir crazy, decide to hop in your car, and go for a drive? Well, if you’re looking for something scenic, Chuckanut Drive has what you need.

Featured in car commercials, numerous newspaper articles, ‘best of’ lists, and revealed as a not-so-hidden gem through word of mouth, Chuckanut Drive is breathtaking in any season. If you’re travelling between Mount Vernon and Bellingham, it makes for a nice break from I-5, and harkens back to a time when American motorists cruised just for the love of driving.

But don’t just take our word for it, car clubs love it too.

Driving down Chuckanut
The gorgeous canopy over the well maintained highway.

Reason 2: We got wine

And we’ve got the Wine Spectator awards for the last 27 years running to prove it. Owner Guy Colbert was at the helm of The Oyster Bar’s Wine Program from 1990 to 2014 and Amanda Abbott took over the purchasing responsibilities in 2014. She’s done an excellent job of injecting new producers that reflect her passion for interesting and delicious wines, and we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the selection.

Reason 3: Play outside

Ok, this may fall under the purview of the initial Seattle PI poll we mentioned earlier, but it must be said, Chuckanut Drive is a gem when it comes to outdoor activities. Larrabee State Park, an elaborate trail system on top of Chuckanut Mountain, access to Chuckanut Bay (you brought your Kayak, right?), and those views! From various vantage points you can see the peak of Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, the Twin Sisters Mountains, and even Raptor Ridge.

With so much trail access, it’s tough to beat the simple joy of a day spent exercising followed by a night of delicious oysters and wine.

Reason 4: Eat Local

We source many of our oysters and shellfish from our neighbors at Taylor Shellfish Farms, who are right down the road from us! It’s pretty rare that you can go visit the farm that produces your food, then drive down the road and eat freshly prepared food from that same place.

We’ve got great relationships with numerous local farms in Whatcom and Skagit counties, but we do feel an (obvious) special kinship with Taylor Shellfish. The Oyster Bar has been in operation, in one form or another, since the early 20th century, inspired in part by the local bounty.

Reason 5: Inspired Art

Bellingham is home to many talented artists, many of whom draw their inspiration from the sights, sounds, and zeitgeist of the area. We’re fortunate to call The Chuckanut Gallery our neighbor.

Featuring hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces and a sculpture garden, the Chuckanut Gallery is a perfect place to peruse and find that little treasure to bring your home or office together. Going from local hiking, to local food, and wrapping it up with local art? That’s a mighty fine trip!