5 Top Reasons to Eat Local

Local seafood & vegetables are some of the best foods to eat locally.  At the Oyster Bar, we care about the health of our customers, that is why we offer a variety of local cuisine that will suit your taste. Local foods are better for consumers, better for restaurants, and better for the environment.

A diet rich in local ingredients and from a local source is important for several reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons why we at the Oyster Bar serve local food.


By eating locally, you ensure that you are getting the freshest foods. The foods you are accustomed to might taste entirely different when eating locally. If you are open-minded in trying out new local items you may even find a new favorite food. The Oyster Bar has seafood vendors that bring products that are wild-harvested and indigenous to the region.


Fresh locally grown food products last longer due to being fresher when purchased. Food items from a conventional grocery store must have been shipped in from all over the country and world. As a result of the time spent in the shipping process, the produce would likely be near the end of its shelf life.

At the Oyster Bar, we serve fresh plates of seafood that are delivered at its peak freshness. Our seafood spends less time in transit from sea to plate, thereby preserving the original nutrients.


Studies have shown that most of the vegetables and seafood we consume contain lesser nutrients than they used to. This is mainly due to the intensive industrial practices that have dominated the food production industry over the years. Longer durations between harvesting and eating contributes to fewer vitamins and minerals in your diet. The Oyster Bar at Chuckanut Drive sources locally harvested & gatherer food that not only tastes better but is stored for shorter durations to prevent loss of nutrients.


Eating locally can also help to stimulate the local economy. This helps to keep the local economy functioning efficiently. Buying local products also helps to keep the local farmers in business which can help promote employment in the community. The local food processing and distribution systems are sustained. It is crucial to support local restaurants by putting money directly back in their pockets.


By eating locally, you help to reduce the energy consumed and pollution produced through transportation. Eating local is better for the environment. The food travels through fewer miles making it safer for both consumers and the environment.

By focusing on purchasing your food locally allows you to learn where your food comes from. It also allows you to understand the work required to bring that food to your table

Are you looking for a local restaurant where you can get the best services? Visit the Oyster Bar today. We offer tasty, fresh and healthy local foods. We are the best restaurant on Chuckanut Drive.