6 Red Wines to Drink With Oysters

You know that feeling when you take a sip of wine, and it tastes like paradise? That’s what eating oysters can feel like when paired with the perfect red wine. For some reason, the briny saltiness of these shellfish seems to accentuate all the fruit flavors in red wines. So, if you’re looking for a new flavor combination from your favorite drink, or are simply curious about which ones might go well with oysters, then read on!

The first thing to remember is that not all wines will match up with every kind of food – and as far as seafood goes, there’s always going to be one better than another when it comes to pairing.

Red Wines to Drink With Oysters:

French Bordeaux

The first of these wines is a classic – the French Bordeaux. This wine, made from grapes in France’s Bordeaux region, is generally considered one of the best to match with oysters for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s traditionally served at room temperature, which helps it to open up and release its fruity flavor. It also has a high acid content that helps cut through the richness of an oyster or other seafood dish.

Tuscany’s Chianti Classico

The second option is from Italy – specifically Tuscany’s Chianti Classico wine. This variety is made with Sangiovese grapes grown at altitudes of around 500 meters and has a rich flavor that can also cut through the richness of oysters.

Syrah grapes

The third option is from France, but it’s made with Syrah grapes – specifically those grown in the country’s Southern Rhone region. It has strong flavors of black fruits like cherries or currants, which give it a good amount of acidity that also helps with the pairing.

Côtes du Rhône

Fourth is Côtes du Rhône – This famous French wine has been around for centuries and pairs well with many dishes. It pairs especially well with seafood such as oysters and clams because it has a slight sweetness to it.

Loire Pinot Noir

The Loire Valley has a history of producing quality grape varieties and wine grapes. One such variety is the Pinot Noir grape. It is a red grape that was originally grown in Burgundy, France but has become one of the most sought-after varietals in the world, with wines made from it fetching top dollar in some markets. The Pouilly-Fuisse wine region, which is near Bordeaux, France, produces high-quality wines from the Pinot Noir.

Jura Poulsard

The Jura Poulsard is a light, fruity wine that pairs well with oysters. It is a French red wine made from the grape Pinot Noir. It’s one of the most popular wines in France and has been produced for many centuries. This particular grape variety originated in Burgundy but has since spread to other regions across France and now all over the world as well (most notably California). This type of wine goes so well with seafood dishes like oysters because its flavor profile includes some fruit notes such as strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry – all flavors commonly found in oyster dishes!


Oysters are a traditional dish that pairs well with different types of wine. If you’re looking for an excuse to have more oyster dishes or want to find out which wines go best with the ones you already like, then this article is perfect for you! We hope we were able to help introduce some new flavor combinations and get your taste buds excited about what may come next on your plate. It’s important not only in food but also in life – always try something new!