How to Match Beer with Pacific Northwest Seafood

Cheer yourself with one of the September Oyster Bar’s seafood-beer pairings and  enjoy the best Pacific Northwest seafood!

Beers for Contrast, Complement or Cleanse

It is important to understand how different beer styles enhance the flavor of the dish. Beer may contrast, complement or cleanse a meal inspired by the Pacific Northwest Seafood.

Contrast: Pick a beer or a dish with one distinct savor, sweet or oily. For instance, try Fresh Local Oyster Fry ($ 33.00) and Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout ($ 5.95). Served with the green apple aioli, oysters have a distinct fruity flavor that works well with the strong coffee notes of the stout.

Complement: It is all about combining equally heavy or light flavors of beer and food. A case in point is Chilled Seafood Entree Salad ($ 33.50) and Kulshan – Red Cap Ale ($ 5.95).

Cleanse: Sometimes, you may need a palate cleanser, particularly for foods with intense vivid flavors, like spicy or fried dishes. Try light fresh pine and citrus Kulshan – IPA ($ 5.95) to cut through the distinctive taste of the Oyster Bar Crab Cakes with curry aioli (half – $ 14.50, full – $ 22.00).

Try more original Pacific Northwest Seafood Beer combinations at the Oyster Bar!

Pacific Northwest Seafood Beer Pairings at $ 25 or less

Pyramid – Haywire Hefeweizen 5.95 + Baked Oysters 17.00

This pairing is the perfect choice for those who appreciate local seasonal Pacific Northwest seasonal cuisine. Inspired by the pristine waters of the wild Northwest, Pyramid – Haywire Hefeweizen is brewed in Seattle. This unfiltered crisp and refreshing beer have a refreshing flavor.

Enjoyed together with Samish Bay Baked Oysters, the beer highlights their sweet, gentle taste. Spicy pancetta, heirloom tomato, chives, and creamed spinach, and herbed bread crumbs add bright accents to the dish and sweet flavors of the beer.

Kulshan – Red Cap Ale 5.95 + Steamed Mussels 18.50

This Irish-style full of flavor beer has the original rich biscuit and sweet caramel aromas. Due to its light citrus hop balance, Kulshan – Red Cap Ale goes well with the Steamed Mussels with citrus and herb sauce.

Our Steamed Mussels are locally harvested and cooked with the greens from our garden greens. Slowly steamed in a coconut, lime, and curry broth topped with toasted nori and leeks, the mussels preserve their sweet savor. As a result, they make a harmonious pairing for Kulshan – Red Cap Ale.

Bitburger – Non-alcoholic 5.95 + Smoked Alaskan Halibut Chowder, 12.50

The fully-fermented German Bitburger is a full-flavored and alcohol-free beer with a refreshing, crisp taste. Rich in vitamins, Bitburger is a low-calory drink – just 73 calories.

Our guests love pairing this Pilsner-style beer with the soup Smoked Alaskan Halibut Chowder. Thanks to the rich flavor of the dish it matches perfectly with the intense taste of the beer. We serve the hot smoked Alaskan halibut with Yukon gold potatoes, boar bacon, sour cream, and chive mini biscuit.

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