From the park of Whatcom Falls to the Oyster bar for fine food

The Whatcom Falls Park features a beautiful waterfall, a beautiful pond, and a railroad trestle. Because of its many visit places, the park provides vacationers with a comfortable place to relax, immerse themselves in the serenity of nature, and then head off to The Oyster Bar for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

The Oyster Bar is located in Bellingham, northwest of the city of Washington, not far from the Canadian border. The bar, which is located in a naturally serene area, has everything from seafoods, delicacies, and assorted drinks to offer. Whatcom Falls Park, a 240-acre city park near the bar, has multipurpose fields, an outdoor basketball court, parking, picnic shelters, picnic tables, playgrounds, restrooms, tennis courts, and much more.

The park houses some five miles of trials which can best be enjoyed riding through on bike but if you prefer a casual walk, you have to the whole view to savour in. The growth along the trails sparkles every day, no matter the season, providing vacationers with a healthy dose of nature for the entire year. There is a map with directions to guide you through your leisure journey as a newbie, and there are other treasures in the park to discover.

A gentle descent down the trail leads to the Grand Stone Bridge, an ancient bridge whose materials once formed the arches of a downtown Bellingham building. As you make your way down the bridge, you will come into direct view of the Whatcom Falls. Aside from the natural scent and view, which you will adore, the tremendous crash and eventual noises from the falling water are enough to pique your interest in natural spots. In fact, the name Whatcom Park is derived from the word Whatcom, which is a native word for noisy water.

The majority of the amenities that make the park a popular destination in Bellingham are located east of the park. The picnic shelters, restrooms, and popular playground are all located off Lakeway Drive, near the lower parking lot. There’s so much to enjoy here that even sports fans won’t be disappointed. Basketball and tennis fans will have a good time playing on the park’s standard-size courts, which are located in the upper lot. There is also a pump track for bike riders to help you improve your riding skills.

Along the Whatcom Creek going north is the fish hatchery. Within the peaceful pond, fingerlings, ducks and the sort are raised to feed the Washington state lakes and various others. Continuing north is the trestle which once served trains heading Bellingham Bay from Lake Whatcom’s Larson Mill. Still continuing north, you will cross Electric Avenue into Bloedel Donovan Park where you get to enjoy the lakeside and probably a peaceful sunbath.

You must have worked up an appetite from the natural scenery, shelters, and playground, and be in need of a magnificent lunch in a peaceful setting. Not only does the delicious meal and peaceful eating atmosphere help to calm the bustle of the park, but the signature drinks delivered to your table upon request also helps to welcome you. Regardless of preferences, there is always something for everyone at the Oyster Bar.