The sight of Lake Padden Park will whet your appetite for seafood

How about immersing yourself in the natural scene created by the lake, followed by a trip to the Oyster bar for some sumptuous seafood?

Lake Padden is just 13 miles from the Oyster Bar Restaurant and has everything you could want in a Bellingham recreational area. Nature’s splendor can be fully appreciated while hiking through the sublime forest. If you enjoy taking leisure walks, the natural environment makes it both easy and inspiring. The trails are not suitable for some physically impaired people, such as those in wheelchairs, because the paths are mostly rocky, but definitely if you enjoy walking, you will enjoy a walk along the lake. Rather than hiking through it, you can choose to rent a bike and ride around it while marveling at its beauty.

And how about just sitting back and watching the fisherman and the souring eagles do their thing: one catching fish and the other admiring the morning or afternoon sky? Who knows, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the eagle stealing caught fish from the fisherman. Aside from the lake and fish, you can expect to see a variety of wildlife as you walk the trail around the lake. A gentle walk would undoubtedly work its magic in invoking a sound spirit in you.

Sports facilities are located near the east entrance and are ideal for those looking to engage in sports in a peaceful natural setting. There are ball fields and a nice golf course, Lake Padden Golf Course, for such sports enthusiasts. There are two shelters available at this end of the park upon request. Playgrounds are ideal for children. There’s also a dog off-leash area and a boat launch, though the only type available is an electric motor-powered one. The boat launch allows those who, rather than hiking or riding their bikes, prefer to scout the park via waterways. Exploration by water evokes a more natural feeling, inducing a desire for fresh seafood and well-prepared delicacies. The tennis courts and fishing dock are accessible from the west entrance.

The lake is a great place to take your kids and spouse to go fishing. With so many shoreline access and fishing opportunities to choose from, you won’t have any reason to feel sluggish. After seeing the sights at the lake, you’ll be compelled to order a delectable plate of seafood from a reputable restaurant. The oyster bar, a well-known eating establishment located south of Bellingham, is the recommended option. You will undoubtedly be served lunch appetizers such as the popular baked oyster or the fried oyster, as well as the delectable Smoked Salmon Napoleon. Salads, soups, and many other dishes are prepared to order. While enjoying your meal in such a spectacular setting, you can unwind with generously offered wine of the highest quality.

The Padden Park and the Oyster Bar are both open daily in the early morning. The lake Padden park is open for the majority of the day, with access granted as early as 6:00 a.m. and an official closing time of 10 p.m.