John Surbert Celebrates 40 Years At The Oyster Bar

Known for his professional service, sense of humor and wit, John Surbert celebrated his 40th year at The Oyster Bar in September.

A Renaissance man of dignity and character, John is definitely a local treasure.

Here is what our customers had to say:

We were there for lunch one day, John waited on us, and we remarked to each other it was the best service we’d ever experienced. Thank you, John!
— Irene

“Hi John. You took my pic 10 years ago on my 70th and I’ll be in again near 9/22 which will be my 80th.”
— Mary

He’s wonderful! John, you’ve made many of our special occasions more special. Thank you! And congratulations for hitting such a great milestone.
— Erin

We love John! He is amazing and we love it when we are there and we get to have him wait on us! He is knowledgeable and make[s] the best suggestions. Thank you John, we always have the best time when you are there.
— Mary

Happy Birthday! May you have many more. Obviously a special person and one who brings joy to others. My husband and I had our first visit to this restaurant [two] weeks ago. John stopped by our table, working seamlessly with our server, making our first visit special. Thank you.
— Cindy

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Congratulations on this accomplishment, John!