Maine Lobster Tail In The Pacific Northwest: How Is It Possible?

Maine Lobster Tail is some of the tastiest seafood in the entire world. But, when you eat Maine Lobster Tail in the Pacific Northwest at The Oyster Bar, you might be thinking to yourself, “How can I eat Maine Lobster in Washington State?” Well, there are few reasons for this.

Shipping Lobster
We ship Maine Lobster Tail from the Atlantic side to the Pacific. It is the most common way that any restaurant can get lobster to make their customers happy with amazing dishes. As you now shipping has become faster and faster over the years to allow us to server the freshest of seafood.

Many people have tried to domesticate Maine Lobster Tail in the Pacific Ocean. But, it is more difficult than you might think. Many people assume that wild lobsters are disappearing altogether and prices are going higher and higher, so domestication should be the easy choice. These examples are not completely true, but let’s talk about more of the facts.

You cannot just place Maine Lobsters in the Pacific Ocean and hope things will go well. Lobsters, as a whole, are difficult to domesticate. When hatching, lobsters need their little area to have a successful experience. Lobsters’ main food source is other lobsters.

Trying to domesticate a new species into the Pacific Ocean is hard because the traditional Pacific Ocean lobsters outnumber the new additions. The old lobsters will eat the new lobsters. Then, the domestication process will have to start from scratch again.

This is not to say domestication cannot be done. But, it is a challenging process, to say the least. For other seafood like shrimp, crayfish, and mussels, farming has worked.