5 Best Wine-Dessert Pairs

Warm spring days call for new gastronomic discoveries. Enjoy sunny days with a glass of wine and a dessert from the rich Oyster Bar menu and wine list. With a price from $18.5, our five sweet ideas help you choose the perfect desert-wine combination.

1 Lemon duet: Dry Riesling Poet’s Leap – Columbia Valley $13 & Lemon Cake $ 12.5

Lemon Cake on the Oyster Bar menu

This wine-desert pair will delight you with the lightness and harmony of fruit notes and citrus flavors of the iconic white wine and classic cake.

It is as mood-enhancing and refreshing as the first warm days!

Balanced and vibrant with notes of Meyer Lemon, a touch of minerality, and bright acidity, Riesling can be a perfect match for a light lemon cake.

Creamy layers of lemon curd, cream cheese frosting, and fresh berries work well with the soft sweetness of dry, crisp, and refreshing wine.

2 Creamy delight: Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Salvard 2018, France 12$ & Grand Marnier Cheesecake $12

Grand Marnier Cheesecake on the Oyster Bar menuWith the dominant creamy notes and vivid fruitiness, both the white wine and cheesecake represent a balanced match.

Soft honeyed nuances wonderfully complement the cheesy texture of the creamy dessert.

With a pistachio crust and candied orange zest, the cheesecake works well with the rich taste of Sauvignon Blanc.

The very first sips of Sauvignon Blanc will please you with the creamy mouthfeel and bright mineral acidity.

The savory dessert saturated by the orange-flavored liqueur Grand Marnier will add more citrus splashes.

3 Chocolate accent: Pinot Noir Erath Resplendent 2018, Oregon $12 & Chocolate Truffle Cake $13

Chocolate Truffle Cake on the Oyster Bar menuThis dark red wine rocks the dark chocolate cake!

Exquisite and bitter, our chocolate truffle cake is a perfect match for the captivating, velvety Pinot Noir with rich wood notes.

Indeed, the dense flourless dessert with whipped cream beautifully complements and develops the berry flavors of Pinot Noir.

The lively nuances of raspberry coulis and truffle enhance the spicy accents of the rich, full-bodied wine.

4 Energizing fruitiness: Dibon Cava, Brut Rose, Spain $9 & Sorbet Trio $ 9.5

Sorbet Trio on the oyster Bar menuThe elegant sparkling wine with apple and pear aromas combines deliciously with the house-made fruit sorbets.

With pleasant floral notes, the crisp and light-bodied on the palate, Dibon highlights the crispy part of the ice cream – tuile, a French biscuit.

Additionally, the flavorful vanilla-almond tuile contrasts both with the refreshing sparkling wine and the energizing sorbets.

5 Syrah Tenet The Pundit 2016, Columbia Valley $12 & Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel $ 11

Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel on the Oyster Bar menu

Thanks to deep purple notes of blueberries, Syrah is sweet enough to complement but not to overpower the raspberry dessert’s flavor.

So, the sweetness of the red wine will balance the sweetness of the elegant Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel with whipped cream.

Lovely topped with fresh raspberries, the sugary treat works well with nice raspberry notes.

Besides, herbs and black licorice of the spicy red wine add more strong accents to this sweet combination.

Continue this wine-dessert list experimenting with the Oyster Bar menu and award-winning wine list! An early booking will guarantee a nice place on the Oyster Bar terrace: 360-766-6185.