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    Summer Specials at the Oyster Bar

    The Oyster Bar is an elegant and mesmerizing place to visit throughout the year. However, its demand and customers increase during the fall and summer seasons. Therefore, we try our level best to introduce summer specials at the oyster bar for our customers at the restaurant. We have the best appetizers, main courses, desserts, and much more.

    We suggest you check out our complete menu to see what we offer. You can also check out our award-winning wine cellar that has been winning awards for the past 30 years. Our wines are handpicked and chosen by our owner, ensuring you get an array of exquisite wine options to choose from

    Summer Specials at the Oyster Bar

    Our menu has a wide variety of dishes to ensure that you have the experience. Following are some of the latest additions to our menu for our summer-loving customers.

    Petrale Sole

    Out Petrrale Sole comes directly from Oregon and teams up with Fresh Local Coonstripe Prawns. These prawns are wild-caught, sustainable, and are blended perfectly with the dish to give the perfect seafood combination.

    Taku River King Salmon

    King Salmon from South East Asia combines with oyster mushrooms and is cooked in basil oil to provide it with a tender and crispy touch. The oil cooks the fish meat thoroughly ensuring that the fresh raspberries and mushrooms in the mix blend in perfectly.

    Summer Specials at the Oyster Bar: New Zealand Lamb

    The rack of New Zealand Lamb is the perfect meaty dish that will help you enjoy the true taste of fine dining. It comes with olive oil and lemon juice to preserve the tenderness and taste of the meat. You will also enjoy a pomegranate vinaigrette mix with the dish.

    However, the summer specials at the Oyster Bar aren’t limited to the main entrees only as there is a lot more to look forward to. Let’s take a look at what more we have to offer.

    Spring Baby Spinach Salad

    The spring baby spinach salad is another favorite pick for our customers as it comes with fresh strawberries, blue cheese, roasted pepitas, poppy seed, and honey dressing. It is the perfect blend of taste and nutrition in a single dish.

    We also have of the most scrumptious dessert choices for our customers.

    Creamy Mango Coconut Cheesecake

    The creamy mango coconut cheesecake has a basic sponge center covered with mango and coconut-infused creamy layer on top. You can even pair it with a zesty lime pie to get a more tangy taste.

    Enjoy Summer Specials at the Oyster Bar

    We suggest you visit the restaurant during dinner timings for a more unique experience under the stars. Ensure booking your visit with us beforehand and check out our detailed menu for more info about the summer specials at the Oyster Bar.

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    Featured Wine: Domaine Magdalena Cabernet Sauvignon

    (Bin #1114 $87) This sophisticated, balanced Washington Red is everything a Cabernet from Red Mountain should be. It’s fine tannins accent the beautiful notes of blackberry, rose petal and earth. Domaine Magdalena is not only beautifully made but also thoughtfully made. The wine undergoes wild yeast fermentation, is unfiltered and is Demeter certified biodynamic. This wine can stand alone but would pair nicely with so many of our dishes including our vegetarian and wild game options.


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