Why we love our Wines!

Does every meal need to be paired with perfectly selected wines?

Is there anything like a perfect wine selection? 

The Oyster Bar has been known for excellence in wine delivery services. The restaurant has been awarded severally for their outstanding wine selection yearly. At the Oyster Bar restaurant, we strive to fill our wine cellar with the best-selected wines to give our diners the best experience. Our quality wines will not only add a new feature to the flavor of dishes we offer you but will also allow our diners to experience the flavors from different places and times.


Our award-winning wine list has been hand-picked by the Oyster Bar owner Guy Colbert and wine selector Amanda Abbot. These selections are designed to complement our food menu. It covers a wide range of wines selected from the world’s best wine regions.

Our wine buyer Amanda is an expert in wine selection. Besides managing the wine cellar and wine service training, she also assists in the dining room with wine pairings. Occasionally we add a few new selections to our wine list, these choices are based on recent tastings and the demand for specific wine brands by diners.


Another thing that makes our wines stand out is the fact that despite these wines are top sources, the prices are very reasonable. We always have wines of great value to present on the wine list at an affordable rate.


Collecting award-winning wines like these lead to an award-winning wine cellar. For the past 30 years, we have been voted as the best with outstanding Wine Lists by the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine. Each year Wine Spectator awards some restaurants. They recognize lists that display excellence across multiple regions along with the superior presentation. Each wine lists selected features collections from quality producers.

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to taste flavors from around the world while appreciating a view only the Pacific Northwest can provide.

Of course, there is nothing like a perfect wine selection. But be assured you will get the best from our award-winning selections.