Women In The Seafood Business

The Oyster Bar is proud to have Linda as a leader at The Oyster Bar. We found 2 amazing women leading in the seafood business. And we love seafood leaders at The Oyster Bar!

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The seafood industry is one that is booming around the globe, as the pandemic starts to subside. As you might expect, there is a high rate of men in the industry. But, more and more women are finding themselves connected to this career as well. Below are two women in the seafood industry that are making their mark.

Sophie Ryan (Global Salmon Initiative)

When it comes to multi-stakeholder connections, there are few in the seafood industry that can motivate others to hop on board, but protect the environment at the same time. Sophie Ryan is one of those individuals. Ryan has worked as a mentor to young women to join the industry to work towards a future full of opportunity. Specifically, Ryan works for the Global Salmon Initiative, or GSI. This initiative was created by salmon CEOs around the world. They work to sell sustainable protein to our world, while eliminating the issues of carbon footprints. In the end, this British Columbia-based company is contributing to the economic and social well-being of our world. Overall, this company is amounting to 40% of farmed salmon. That is a massive deal, and it is ran completely by Sophie Ryan.

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Fiona Robinson (Seashare)

Fiona Robinson is the next woman on our list. She is a part of SeaShare, as the Developmental Director. For her, Fiona wants the voice of women to be heard in the seafood industry. Robinson began working in the industry back in the 1990s. At the time, she was one of the only women in the industry. Over two decades later, she is proud to say that more and more women have hopped on board impacting the seafood industry for the better. Women can continue to work up to the board room, but also work as buyers, farmers, and seafood harvesters, in Robinson’s eyes.