Are Oysters Delicious?

We shall take a deep dive into the ocean to find out what makes Oysters delicious, but firstly, let’s know who these Oysters guys are.


Oysters are saltwater animals that live in marine habitats such as bays and oceans. They are a vital part of the ecosystem because of their ability to filter pollutants out of the water, as a result, creating habitats for other species to live. Oysters are shelled gems of the sea with their chewy texture and flavorful meat. Their meat is considered a delicacy around the world.


So many things make oysters delicious, one of which is the way they are prepared. Oyster meals can be prepared in different ways. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Although raw oysters may contain some amounts of bacteria from the water they filtered, you can always steam, roast, fry and stew your way to an amazing meal.

What do oysters taste like?

Oysters are great. What they taste like depends on who prepared them and how they are made. For example, French fries taste different from au gratin potatoes. All potatoes are good but taste differently because of how they’re made. The longer you cook oysters, the stronger the flavor becomes.

Not everyone is a fan of raw oysters, but you may like it fried, baked or grilled oysters. Fried Oysters are fully cooked and tasty, but have a different flavor altogether.

There are lots of recipes for oysters cooked in their shell, so don’t worry about what they taste like. Sit down and eat a few fried, grilled and baked oysters. You will discover the great taste yourself. You can find good oysters at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut drive. If you like shrimp and other shellfish you will like oysters.

How To Eat Oysters

For first-timers, After researching how oyster taste. What’s next?  it’s time to eat it. At this point, you must have ordered your oyster and it is sitting right in front of you with nice smells and a wonderful appearance.

We recommend that you eat your first oyster “naked” or without any condiments. Grab your fork and separate the oyster meat from its shell. Then slurp the oyster out and all its juice. Chew it a few times (don’t swallow immediately) so you can get the full flavor of the oyster.

Afterwards, you can eat the other oysters however you like — with lemon, cocktail sauce or mignonette sauce, just to name a few classic condiments.

Experienced oyster lovers already have an idea of the types of oysters they prefer.

Ultimately, eating oysters is about enjoyment, so devour yours however it feels comfortable for you.

If you’re not in the oyster camp yet, you might want to join now, check our Oyster menu.


Our seasonally based menu changes weekly. Please contact us for the current raw oyster menu.

*Washington State Law requires us to inform you that consuming Raw Shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness.