Top Washington State Coastal Towns To Visit

When you come out to Washington State, you need to check out some of the best coastal towns around. With so many possibilities, it may be hard to choose. But, you can trust that this list has you covered for a drive north and south on the coast of Washington.

Bow, WA
Not only is Bow the home of The Oyster Bar on Chucknut Drive, but there is more you can experience while you are in the area. The Oyster Dome Trail overlooks one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Washington State. Stop by The Oyster Bar after your hike. The trailhead is just a short walk from the restaurant.


Long Beach
You may have heard of Long Beach, California, but you have to get acquainted with Long Beach, Washington, too. Long Beach is close to the border of Oregon, and you have ultimate accessibility to the close-by city of Portland. Check out great fishing spots, as well as the world famous Razor Clam Festival. Make sure to head over to the Cape Disappointment vista, as well. You will not be disappointed in the slighest.

Ocean Shores
Looking for something kid friendly? Then, Ocean Shores is for you. With the Olympic Peninsula nearby, you will experience phenomenal sunbathing, swimming, and even some kite-flying. There are quality hikes and biking areas to take in, too. Musical festivals like country and Celtic must be on your radar additionally. Add in go-karts and arcades, and your family trip will be memorable for years to come.

Port Angeles
Want some variety during your next trip? Well, Port Angeles is for you then. There are expanses to explore like the Strait of Juan de Fuca, as well as the Ediz Hook Reservation. By boating, kayaking, and sunbathing, your time in Port Angeles will be well-worth the wait. You can even ferry over to Victoria, British Colombia if you so choose.