The Oyster Bar Special: Muscadet Sevre Et Maine with Baked Oysters or Fried Oysters

The Muscadet Sevre et Maine is a refreshing wine that will pair nicely with your meal. The palate is light and fruity, making it the perfect drink to accompany seafood dishes like oyster-based ones!

The Muscadet Sevre et Maine features crisp fruitiness from its vin jaune grape varietal. Making this wine ideal for pairing alongside an appetizer of baked or fried oysters on top of ice cream made from melted butter and crushed crackers sprinkled over vanilla gelato in chocolate cups.

Muscadet and Oyster

Muscadet Sevre et Maine and Oysters are two delicacies that go together well. The Muscadet Sevre et Maine is a white wine that is made from the Chenin Blanc grapes. This wine has a light, dry flavor with a hint of green apple. The oysters are often eaten raw because they have an intense briny taste. This combination is excellent.

Muscadet Sevre et Maine pairs well with many seafood dishes.

Muscadet Sevre et Maine is the perfect wine to pair with a myriad of dishes. For example, mussels and clams are also great for pairing with Muscadet because they share many similar qualities.

Muscadet Sevre et Maine has been grown since Roman times when Michel Leclerc planted vines around his hometown of Melle-sur-Sarthe during Nero’s

In France, the Muscadet wines are made from a blend of grapes that grow in the Sèvre et Maine area. These wines tend to be quite acidic and low-tannin, which means they pair well with seafood such as oysters, shrimp, and crab.

Muscadet is worth introducing to your table even if you are not a fan of dry white wines. The Muscadet has an aroma that is unique with hints of melon, apple, peach, and even pineapple scents and a hint of grassiness. 

Clean on the palate. Muscadet wine makes for a great accompaniment to salads, mild fish, or fried dishes with fresh and crisp flavors but also elegant. A touch of this wine will enhance poached lobster or crabmeat salad as well as seared tuna steaks any day. And if you like dry rosé wines – then you may love the slightly sweet finish of the best Muscadets.

Baked Oysters or Fried oysters

The best thing about oysters is that they are a versatile dish. You can fry them, bake them or eat raw to make your favorite appetizer!

Oyster dishes offer an exciting new way in the kitchen for culinary aficionados and novice cooks alike. Whether you want served fried as hors d’oeuvres or baked with some bread crumbs on top: there’s something here for everyone.

What’s your preference?

Shrimp scampi, oysters, Rockefeller, or just simple fried. How about a platter of raw with some cocktail sauce for dipping and the other type as an appetizer to start off your meal on the right foot.

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