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5 Wines to Pair with the Traditional Smoked Salmon Napoleon

Taste different dimensions of native Pacific Northwest smoked salmon with the best wines from the Oyster Bar Wine List! 

The native american spirit of smoked salmon

Deeply rooted in the local food culture, our Smoked Salmon Napoleon ($ 21.00) is one of the most favorites with our guests and one of the favorite topics they are eager to discuss with our staff.

We serve our in-house smoked king salmon with marinated beets, basil, chèvre, ginger oil, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

All the ingredients complement each other and make up a flavorful and healthy treat full of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients.

We create an unrivaled dinner experience by applying to natively harvested salmon the traditional cooking method – hot smoke.

The Chinook or King Salmon is a staple of the Pacific Northwest and the largest of the Pacific salmon – one fish may weigh over 100 pounds.

For Native Americans, smoking or a ‘hot smoke’ was the natural way of preserving salmon. This method doesn’t overpower the distinctive flavor of the fish and keeps its unique taste and color.

To enjoy traditional smoked salmon, pick a nice glass of wine from the Oyster Bar award-winning wine list.

Traditional wine choices

With a dry finish and sparkle Champagne Laurent – Brut Rose ($92) is an excellent match for smoked salmon. The subtle low-alcohol wine with sufficient acidity cuts through the fats and complements the buttery flavor of smoked salmon.

The crispy full-rippened Gordon Brothers Family Chardonnay 2018 ($35) is a classic choice for smoked salmon. Thanks to its rich, oily texture, salmon pairs perfectly with this Northwest wine. Chardonnay perfectly manages the saltiness of the fish due to its impeccable balance between richness and acidity.

The elegant and refreshing white Duckhorn Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2018 ($ 50) works traditionally well to cope with the oiliness in the smoked salmon and, at the same time, to match with the bold notes of marinated beets and ginger oil. It is due to its enticing aromas of lemongrass, lychee, lemon and pineapple.

Wines experiments

With engaging Figgins Family Wine Estates Riesling 2019 ($ 88), you can expect an original tasting experience. Its deep and structured flavor and high acidity make it an ideal partner for smoked salmon.

Due to the green peach and pears intensive aromas, it contrasts with the flaky, moist meat of  traditional smoked salmon.

The juicy red Syncline Pinot Noirs ($ 77) is not the usual combination with smoked salmon but one of the most reliably consistent. This lighter-bodied red wine with the smoky aroma, floral flavor, and subtle dark fruit hold up well to the assertive taste of smoked salmon. Another bonus is that this Pacific Northwest Pinot Noirs matches the natural territory of salmon.

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5 Best Washington Wines Featured by Wine Spectator

Explore our five premium best Washington wines by Wine Spectator!

A great wine variety

For the 22d year in a row, the Oyster Bar Wine List has received the Best Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator.

Thanks to the creative and productive work of our Wine Director Amanda Abbott, we keep winning in the category of restaurants with moderate pricing ($$). It means that our Wine List with 1400+ items can meet the expectations of different guests.

Significantly, Washington wines are the most frequent choice among the diners at the Oyster Bar.

Ranking as the U.S.’s second-largest wine producer, Washington State boasts over 1000 wineries producing over 80 varieties.

In contrast to many states specialized in just a few varieties, Washington vineyards demonstrate more variety than uniformity.

Indeed, the Oyster Bar is happy to share the best local traditions. And the best items in our elite collection are represented by the two exceptional vineries – Leonetti Cellars and Quilceda Greek. Both are among the best wineries in the world.

The following 5 best Washington wines by Wine Spectator in 2021:

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Leonetti Cellars, Walla Walla Valley, $ 170

Beautifully balanced, the dark ruby 2021 Cabernet has a pleasing nose of blackberry, dark cherry, cappuccino, and a herbal note.

Thus, with lots of ripe tannins, the wine displays exceptional purity of fruit.

2004 Leonetti Cellars Merlot, Columbia Valley, $ 160

With bright berry aromas, the 2004 Merlot flavors impress with youthfully firm tannins. It finishes enticingly sweet and long.

2014 Syrah Longshadows – Sequel Columbia Valley, $ 117

Highly concentrated, the spicy aromas of cassis and a hint of olive tapenade interplay with black currant and blueberry. The 2014 Syrah generously gives up intensive flavors and polished tannins.

2000 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Savignon, $ 360

With rich berry aromas of blackberry liquor, the 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon has anise smoke and spices notes. It  is the most perfumed Quilceda Creek wine.

2009 Charles Smith Wines Royal City Syrah, $ 238

The complex and elegant 2009 Syrah displays multiple layers of exotic, floral, and mineral flavors. They are gracefully concentrated around the black cherry and maple flavors.

Discover more best Washington wines by Wine Spectator from the Oyster Bar Wine List!
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How to Match Beer with Pacific Northwest Seafood

Cheer yourself with one of the September Oyster Bar’s seafood-beer pairings and  enjoy the best Pacific Northwest seafood!

Beers for Contrast, Complement or Cleanse

It is important to understand how different beer styles enhance the flavor of the dish. Beer may contrast, complement or cleanse a meal inspired by the Pacific Northwest Seafood.

Contrast: Pick a beer or a dish with one distinct savor, sweet or oily. For instance, try Fresh Local Oyster Fry ($ 33.00) and Left Hand Brewing – Milk Stout ($ 5.95). Served with the green apple aioli, oysters have a distinct fruity flavor that works well with the strong coffee notes of the stout.

Complement: It is all about combining equally heavy or light flavors of beer and food. A case in point is Chilled Seafood Entree Salad ($ 33.50) and Kulshan – Red Cap Ale ($ 5.95).

Cleanse: Sometimes, you may need a palate cleanser, particularly for foods with intense vivid flavors, like spicy or fried dishes. Try light fresh pine and citrus Kulshan – IPA ($ 5.95) to cut through the distinctive taste of the Oyster Bar Crab Cakes with curry aioli (half – $ 14.50, full – $ 22.00).

Try more original Pacific Northwest Seafood Beer combinations at the Oyster Bar!

Pacific Northwest Seafood Beer Pairings at $ 25 or less

Pyramid – Haywire Hefeweizen 5.95 + Baked Oysters 17.00

This pairing is the perfect choice for those who appreciate local seasonal Pacific Northwest seasonal cuisine. Inspired by the pristine waters of the wild Northwest, Pyramid – Haywire Hefeweizen is brewed in Seattle. This unfiltered crisp and refreshing beer have a refreshing flavor.

Enjoyed together with Samish Bay Baked Oysters, the beer highlights their sweet, gentle taste. Spicy pancetta, heirloom tomato, chives, and creamed spinach, and herbed bread crumbs add bright accents to the dish and sweet flavors of the beer.

Kulshan – Red Cap Ale 5.95 + Steamed Mussels 18.50

This Irish-style full of flavor beer has the original rich biscuit and sweet caramel aromas. Due to its light citrus hop balance, Kulshan – Red Cap Ale goes well with the Steamed Mussels with citrus and herb sauce.

Our Steamed Mussels are locally harvested and cooked with the greens from our garden greens. Slowly steamed in a coconut, lime, and curry broth topped with toasted nori and leeks, the mussels preserve their sweet savor. As a result, they make a harmonious pairing for Kulshan – Red Cap Ale.

Bitburger – Non-alcoholic 5.95 + Smoked Alaskan Halibut Chowder, 12.50

The fully-fermented German Bitburger is a full-flavored and alcohol-free beer with a refreshing, crisp taste. Rich in vitamins, Bitburger is a low-calory drink – just 73 calories.

Our guests love pairing this Pilsner-style beer with the soup Smoked Alaskan Halibut Chowder. Thanks to the rich flavor of the dish it matches perfectly with the intense taste of the beer. We serve the hot smoked Alaskan halibut with Yukon gold potatoes, boar bacon, sour cream, and chive mini biscuit.

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How to Pair Wine with a Seafood Dinner

Go beyond dinner and become a wine expert with four great seafood pairing ideas of the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive!

Following the Pacific Northwest culinary traditions:
What grows together goes together”

What grows together goes together” – This proverb is used to guide wine and food pairing globally. The rule prescribed to combine the grown in the area food with local wine.

Globalization, migration, and consumption trends have resulted in the emergence of hybrid cuisines that significantly feature the Pacific Northwest culinary traditions.

The modern cooking style of the Pacific Northwest is traditional and modern at the same time.
In the following 4 sets, we reflected the rich traditions of diverse cultures, excellent wines, the best local seafood, and advanced cooking methods.

#1 – Muscadet Sevre et Maine (36 $) with Baked Oysters (16.50 $) or Fried oysters (22.95 $)

The classic pairing for oysters, dry, firm, clean and refreshing Muscadet will never frustrate you! With wonderful freshness and minerality, it will be a great match for our Baked oysters or Fried oysters.

Importantly, Muscadet will be a harmonious combination for other ingredients of the dishes too. The difference is in notes.

If you choose Baked Oysters with pancetta, you will enjoy a more traditional heirloom tomato taste. Fried Oysters, in contrast, will surprise you with apple aioli fragrant savor.

#2 – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (38 $) with Salmon Pastrami Sandwich (21.95 $)

Go beyond the traditional pairing champagne–cured salmon and enrich your dining experience with dry and fruity New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

This pairing will woo you with the original contrasting taste of the fresh and tropical wine and the carefully selected house-made rye bread and Emmental cheese.

#3 – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (70 $) with Cioppino (25.95 $)

While choosing the perfect wine combination for Cioppino, it’s essential to consider the rich ingredients of the rustic American-Italian fishy stew. Mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp, and fish, simmered with fennel and tomatoes in a spicy saffron stew.

This means that both white and red wines will go well.
Experiment and pick red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo! This Italian lighter is incredibly aromatic with plenty of peppery notes and it will beautifully complement Cioppino thanks to its pleasing acidity and low tannins.

#4 – Dibon – Cava (31 $) with Crab Cakes (23.50 $)

Our original crabmeat cakes are combined with mango chutney, curry aioli, and sautéed vegetables. Such rich flavors can work perfectly with lots of sparkling wines or champagne.
With its impressive floral aromas and pear/melon-like notes, Catalonian Dibon-Cava will be the perfect accompaniment for these cakes.

Like champagne, Cava is produced with the application with the same method but with different grapes, Macabeu. Their tastes are similar to green almonds and have floral aromatics and a lemony flavor.

Try more original wine food combinations on the cozy patio of the Oyster Bar while enjoying the picturesque scenery of Samish Bay. Call 360-223-5811.

The Oyster Bar Wine List: a guide to Italian wines

Distinct Chianti, Prosecco, Nebbiolo make colorful pieces of the Italian wine mosaic on the award-winning Oyster Bar Wine List. Navigate the exciting world of Italian wines and pair them with our best dishes!

Chianti Classico for social gatherings

Chianti Classico is a dry red wine produced in the region in Tuscany. The area gave name to the wine in the 19th century.

For a wine to be labeled Chianti, it should contain 80 % Sangiovese, a staple grape.

At the end of the 19th century, the Chianti Classico recipe was the result of an experiment. From the very beginning, the wine was intended for everyday consumption.

Indeed in Italy, Chianti Classico wines are still a popular choice for daily Italian dinners and traditional Friday parties.

Similarly, the Oyster Bar guests also often pick Chianti for their weekend outings.

Chianti Classico and Brunello are the most famous red Tuscan wines. And the Oyster Bar Wine List boasts 8 Italian beverages based on Sangiovese (from $ 11).

The Oyster Bar food pairings: Prime Tenderloin Burger. Cascadia Mushroom Gnocchi.

The sparkling freshness of Prosecco for the aperitif

Many people equal Prosecco to champagne because they look and taste similar. However, champagne is a French wine from the Champagne region.

Prosecco, in contrast, is a sparkling wine that originated in the northeast of Italy. The village of Prosecco inspired the name of the wine.

From ancient times, Prosecco associated with longevity.

The wife of the first Roman emperor Augustus Livia Drusilla was the first known Prosecco fan. Consuming the wine daily, she lived up to 86 years. It was incredible for that time.

Prosecco is usually non-vintage, without a year of production on the label. The Oyster Bar offers four Prosseco wines (from $ 28).

The Oyster Bar food pairings: Atlantic Cod Tacos. Passion Fruit Tart.

Nebbiolo for special celebrations

Nebbiolo is the original grape variety from the Piedmont region. It makes a basis for red very dry full-bodied wines. 38 months is a minimum aging period.

Indeed Barolo and Barbaresco are the most celebrated ones. Thus wine lovers chose them for important events.

With chocolate and fruit aromas, Nebbiolo wines offer different varieties. But tar and rose are common flavor notes.

The Oyster Bar food pairings: Prime Tenderloin Burger. Salmon Pastrami Sandwich.

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How many healthy wines are on the Oyster Bar Wine List?

Well, it depends on the health benefits you want to get from an interplay of well-being and culture. Let’s explore their features, and you will easily pick the right beverage from the Oyster Bar award-winning wine list!

300+ Mediterranean wines for longevity

The recent long-term study has confirmed the positive impact of moderate red wine consumption on a longer life span; 12.5 years for women; and 9.6 years for men. 

Interestingly, healthy wine rankings determine cultures with a high wine consumption known for their longevity – the French, Italians, Spaniards, and the Portuguese. 

In his best-selling book Food sanity, renowned nutritionist David Friedman analyzed their consumption patterns

He explored the ‘French paradox’. It is one of the most curious cultural phenomena – with a diet rich in saturated fats, the French have a longer life span and a lower risk of heart diseases than many nations.

Following the progressive trends, the Oyster Bar wine list offers over 300 wines from the best vineyards that develop Mediterranean wine traditions. 

Support heart health

The commonly held belief is that red wines are healthier than white ones. In many instances, the difference is insignificant, and it is more important to consider moderate wine consumption – reassure experts.

Yet, it is helpful to know the strengths of different wines for particular cases. 

As an antioxidant activator, red wine helps to prevent heart diseases responsible for one-third of global deaths. 

With putative antioxidant features, flavonoids are the most important.

Resveratrol is another essential component. It prevents blood clots responsible for heart attacks and stroke.

Pinot Noir and Sirah contain the highest content of resveratrol.

At the Oyster Bar, you can explore the Pinot Noir collection. It formed with the best vintages from the 27 world-renowned wineries. You can try Pinot Noir Erath Resplendent, Oregon – 2018 at just $12 a glass.

Control cholesterol

When it comes to the control of cholesterol levels, some white wines have advantages over red wines.

Chardonnay has proven to be effective in improving cholesterol levels of 46 patients with moderate risk of cardiovascular disease.

For a year, the participants of the study combined the consumption of Chardonnay and regular exercise.

With 78 Chardonnay wines of the best vintages, the Oyster Bar boasts the best choice of this most famous white wine in the world.

10 light Roses for perfect metabolism

Drinking rose wines can particularly facilitate weight loss and boost metabolic processes because most of them are low-calorie wines. 

Made of red and white grapes, Rosè is an excellent choice for those who keep fit. With about 80 calories per six-ounce glass, Rosè is lighter than most red and white wines. 

Additionally, Rosè contains potassium that regulates water balance and boosts metabolism. 

Elegant and refreshing, Rosè wines on the Oyster Bar wine list represent ten celebrated American, Mexican and French vineyards.

And we have made this diversity available too. You can try excellent French Rosè Domaine Sorin, 2019 from Provence  $ 8.5 a glass. 

Make an informed choice!

By understanding the health benefits of different wines, you can maintain good health and tailor positive experiences. You also can harness the power of wine to reduce stress.

As you can see, the multicultural Oyster Bar wine list allows combining therapeutic and practical benefits in every wine experience.

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5 Best Wine-Dessert Pairs

Warm spring days call for new gastronomic discoveries. Enjoy sunny days with a glass of wine and a dessert from the rich Oyster Bar menu and wine list. With a price from $18.5, our five sweet ideas help you choose the perfect desert-wine combination.

1 Lemon duet: Dry Riesling Poet’s Leap – Columbia Valley $13 & Lemon Cake $ 12.5

Lemon Cake on the Oyster Bar menu

This wine-desert pair will delight you with the lightness and harmony of fruit notes and citrus flavors of the iconic white wine and classic cake.

It is as mood-enhancing and refreshing as the first warm days!

Balanced and vibrant with notes of Meyer Lemon, a touch of minerality, and bright acidity, Riesling can be a perfect match for a light lemon cake.

Creamy layers of lemon curd, cream cheese frosting, and fresh berries work well with the soft sweetness of dry, crisp, and refreshing wine.

2 Creamy delight: Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Salvard 2018, France 12$ & Grand Marnier Cheesecake $12

Grand Marnier Cheesecake on the Oyster Bar menuWith the dominant creamy notes and vivid fruitiness, both the white wine and cheesecake represent a balanced match.

Soft honeyed nuances wonderfully complement the cheesy texture of the creamy dessert.

With a pistachio crust and candied orange zest, the cheesecake works well with the rich taste of Sauvignon Blanc.

The very first sips of Sauvignon Blanc will please you with the creamy mouthfeel and bright mineral acidity.

The savory dessert saturated by the orange-flavored liqueur Grand Marnier will add more citrus splashes.

3 Chocolate accent: Pinot Noir Erath Resplendent 2018, Oregon $12 & Chocolate Truffle Cake $13

Chocolate Truffle Cake on the Oyster Bar menuThis dark red wine rocks the dark chocolate cake!

Exquisite and bitter, our chocolate truffle cake is a perfect match for the captivating, velvety Pinot Noir with rich wood notes.

Indeed, the dense flourless dessert with whipped cream beautifully complements and develops the berry flavors of Pinot Noir.

The lively nuances of raspberry coulis and truffle enhance the spicy accents of the rich, full-bodied wine.

4 Energizing fruitiness: Dibon Cava, Brut Rose, Spain $9 & Sorbet Trio $ 9.5

Sorbet Trio on the oyster Bar menuThe elegant sparkling wine with apple and pear aromas combines deliciously with the house-made fruit sorbets.

With pleasant floral notes, the crisp and light-bodied on the palate, Dibon highlights the crispy part of the ice cream – tuile, a French biscuit.

Additionally, the flavorful vanilla-almond tuile contrasts both with the refreshing sparkling wine and the energizing sorbets.

5 Syrah Tenet The Pundit 2016, Columbia Valley $12 & Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel $ 11

Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel on the Oyster Bar menu

Thanks to deep purple notes of blueberries, Syrah is sweet enough to complement but not to overpower the raspberry dessert’s flavor.

So, the sweetness of the red wine will balance the sweetness of the elegant Vanilla Bean Creme Caramel with whipped cream.

Lovely topped with fresh raspberries, the sugary treat works well with nice raspberry notes.

Besides, herbs and black licorice of the spicy red wine add more strong accents to this sweet combination.

Continue this wine-dessert list experimenting with the Oyster Bar menu and award-winning wine list! An early booking will guarantee a nice place on the Oyster Bar terrace: 360-766-6185.

Map your dinner with the Oyster Bar award-winning wine program

Striving to stay in touch with different generations of wine lovers, we annually submit the Oyster Bar wine list to the assessment of Wine Spectator. It’s an exam in quality that encourages us to constantly improve the whole dining experience and make it diverse and affordable for everyone.

What does it mean to have a wine program?

With the expansion of the California wine industry 40 years ago, wine became part and parcel of American culture, and clients naturally become more informed and savvy.

To distinguish restaurants with excellent wine lists, the prestigious industry publication Wine Spectator introduced the Restaurant Awards program.

For over 3 decades, the Oyster Bar wine list of 1400+ selections has received the Best Award of Excellence. This encourages us to constantly learn new ways of improvement of our service.

Selecting the best beverages from the world-renowned wineries, we consider preferences of a wide range of customers, from connoisseurs to novices, – says Amanda A., Wine Director of the Oyster Bar. – And this is an affordable diversity too; you can find many wines at the optimal pricing’.

Each of the wine items on our list has a detailed description: price, origin, and year of production. Let’s see how these categories may be used to pick the perfect bottle for any occasion.

Consider price levels

With its 5 sections (Miscellaneous, White, Rose, Red, and Dessert Wines), our wine list offers the traditional way of selecting beverages but frequently the price is one of the most important factors.

We have developed our wine list to accommodate most budgets and tastes. For instance, the aperitif prices start from $5.50 a glass, and the sub-section Wines by the Glass offers 22 options from 7 regions.

The Oyster Bar wine list extends beyond wines and boasts 12 original beverages. One of the precious items is Orval Trappist Ale (Belgian), one of the most popular beers in the world brewed by monks within the walls of the monastery.

Match wine diversity to regions

This approach helps narrow down the wine list considerably. We offer wines from over 30 wineries.
Each of them represents its traditions that allow our guests to feel comfortable with any choice, whether you play safe and order something familiar or experiment.

When selecting a wine according to region preferences, it is helpful to consider its culinary traditions and seasonality. For example, Mediterranean wines like Chablis (France) will be a good match for Lobster Bisque on our menu.

More useful tips about pairing wines with seafood you can find in our previous post.

Learn about wine age

Our wine program spans almost a century of the world wine traditions, from the legendary fortified Spanish Alvear Solera 1927 Sherry, Pedro Jimenez to graceful French Domaine Sorin 2019.

To enjoy this diversity and not overwhelm yourself, consider the features of the dish too.

In this case, your ultimate choice may be determined by your flavor preferences. If you favor fresh fruit, pick young wines (e.g. Domaine Sorin). For earthy, tertiary flavors, choose mature wines, like Merlot.

More mature flavors go well with rich, stewed dishes.

Whichever approach you pick, use the experience of our knowledgeable staff to your advantage too. There’s nothing we enjoy more than exceeding our guest’s expectations!

Call in advance 360-223-5811 and we’ll reserve a seat for you!

Award Winning Wines from Around the World

The Oyster Bar’s Wine Cellar

Can it be a perfect meal without a perfectly paired wine to accompany it? We don’t believe it’s possible! That’s why we at The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive strive to fill our wine cellar with award winning wines to enhance your night-out experience.

Oyster Bar owner Guy Colbert and wine selector Amanda Abbott personally choose award winning wines from around the globe, covering every major wine-producing region in the world. We take great care in selecting wines that enhance the entire experience of dining at The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. Wines not only add a new dimension of flavor to dishes, but are an opportunity for you as a diner to experience the flavors of a different place and time.

Wine of the month - The Oyster Bar on ChuckanutIn the 2005 Malvira San Guglielmo, diners can taste the flavors of Piedmont, Italy. The rare, luscious red wine opens with a nose of blackberry and tobacco and follows with hints of vanilla and leather on the palate.

Or diners can swing the villa windows open and smell the Atlantic waters of El Puerto de Santa María, Spain with a glass of Oloroso La Garrocha. The sherry wine is crafted on a family farm that’s been in business for nearly two centuries now. Your glass is served at room temperature and holds an almost sweet, nutty flavor with hints of the nearby ocean.

Sancerre Rose 2016This month, we’ve added the Sancerre Rose from the tiny hamlet of Terre de Maimbray. Born in the Sancerre region of the Loire Valley, the rose wine tastes like a French summer feels. Aromas of white currant, apricot and peach accompany a soft, pale color. It’s a perfect choice for a light salad on a sunny day.

Collecting award winning wines like these leads to an award winning wine cellar. For 27 years now, The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive’s selection has been voted as one of the outstanding Wine Lists of the World by the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine. It’s an honor to be selected year-after-year, and we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to taste flavors from the around the world, while appreciating a view only the Pacific Northwest can provide.  

See our full wine list.

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Featured Wine: Domaine Magdalena Cabernet Sauvignon

(Bin #1114 $87) This sophisticated, balanced Washington Red is everything a Cabernet from Red Mountain should be. It’s fine tannins accent the beautiful notes of blackberry, rose petal and earth. Domaine Magdalena is not only beautifully made but also thoughtfully made. The wine undergoes wild yeast fermentation, is unfiltered and is Demeter certified biodynamic. This wine can stand alone but would pair nicely with so many of our dishes including our vegetarian and wild game options.


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