Is Halibut Really Better?

Halibut is one of the most well-known seafood options in the world. But, there is a lot of debate on the true value of this fish. To start, the Atlantic halibut, in specific, is the biggest flatfish in the entire world. So, in terms of size, it is truly better than any other flatfish. Still, does halibut have plenty of nutrients to be classified as the best?


Micronutrients are one of the best nutrients in halibut. One, in particular, selenium, is a trace mineral. Every human body uses selenium to help with dietary needs. As a potent antioxidant, selenium repairs damage in the body. Also, inflammation can be decreased and thyroid health will improve with halibut.

Other micronutrients that come in halibut include niacin, phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin B12. Niacin is involved with heart health and protecting skin from the sun. On the other hand, phosphorus from halibut helps with bone growth, metabolism, and the heart. Since phosphorus is one of the most abundant sources in the body, halibut can help keep it that way. The other two, magnesium and Vitamin B12, are perfect for red blood cell development, muscle movement, and energy.

Add Protein

Halibut is also a fantastic source of protein. Protein is needed to repair muscles, helps to lose weight, and suppress an appetite. Since metabolic processes need protein in the body, this is where halibut comes in.

Farm-Raised & Wild-Caught

Now that you know the value of halibut, it is essential to decide between farm-raised and wild-caught halibut. Currently, 50% of seafood in the world is farm-raised and the number looks to be trending to even more down the road. The wild fish population of halibut is farmed in places like the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, and Canada.

Farm-raised halibut is cheaper and more available to customers. But, halibut can be exposed to issues like parasites, pesticides, and bacteria. Still, you are seeing fish grown in better farming environments than in the past. Wild fish though can have contamination, but not as much as in farmed locations.

Mercury Problems

Another concern with seafood is mercury toxicity. Even though halibut has mercury in it, other seafood like shark and swordfish have higher levels to be nervous about. But, this is no problem for halibut.

Overall, halibut is better in terms of healthy nutrients. The body will be sustained by halibut time and time again. Consider this seafood the next time you are at The Oyster Bar.