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A Taste of Luxury: The ROI of Dining at The Oyster Bar

If you’re in the business of living well, then you need to understand the ROI—Return on Indulgence—of dining at The Oyster Bar. Our Premium Seafood Offerings aren’t just meals; they’re strategic investments in your life’s portfolio of experiences. Think about it. You’re not just buying dinner; you’re acquiring a taste of luxury, a moment that … Read more

A Taste of Luxury: Elevate Your Life with Our Premium Seafood Offerings

Are you ready to step up and elevate your life? At The Oyster Bar, we’re not just serving food; we’re serving transformation. Our Premium Seafood Offerings are not just meals; they’re experiences that empower you to live at a higher level. Imagine savoring the finest, freshest seafood, meticulously prepared to unleash its full potential—just like … Read more

The Ultimate Chilled Seafood Entrée Salad: A Feast for the Senses

In The Oyster Bar’s embrace,Where tradition meets a modern grace,A dish awaits to steal your heart—Our Celeriac and Black Truffle Tart. With truffle cream and love’s allure,It’s a culinary poem, pure and sure.Each bite’s a verse, each flavor’s a line,A sonnet served on a plate divine. So bring your love, or find it here,In every … Read more

Unlocking Umami: The Anticipation of Savoring Our Savory Steaks

Ah, the thrill of anticipation. It’s the flutter in your stomach as you step into a new adventure, the electric charge in the air before a first kiss, and—believe it or not—the feeling you get as you prepare to dine on our savory steaks at The Oyster Bar. Yes, dear friends, we’re talking about a … Read more

The Oyster Bar Experience: Where Food Meets Romance

Ah, love. It’s that elusive spark, that je ne sais quoi that we’re all searching for. But what if we told you that the secret to kindling that romantic flame might just be on our menu? Welcome to The Oyster Bar Experience, where every dish is a love letter and every meal an opportunity for … Read more

Steamed Mussels: A Coconut Curry Love Affair

Hello, friends of the forest and sea! 🌲🌊 If you’re craving a dish that captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest, look no further. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on a dish that’s as close to Mother Nature as it gets: our Steamed Mussels with Coconut Curry Broth. This dish is a love letter to … Read more

Mushroom Magic: Unveiling the Cascadia Mushroom Tart Experience

Hey there, foodies and flavor adventurers! 🎉 Are you ready to take your taste buds on a wild ride? Buckle up, because today we’re diving into one of The Oyster Bar’s most talked-about dishes: the Cascadia Mushroom Tart. Trust us, this isn’t your grandma’s mushroom tart—unless your grandma is a gourmet chef with a flair … Read more

Calamari Reimagined: The Secret Behind Our Saffron Lemon Aioli

If you’re reading this, you’re either a fan of The Oyster Bar or a future fan in the making. Today, we invite you to discover a dish that has been a sensation among our patrons: our Golden Fried Calamari, elevated by a Saffron Lemon Aioli that is nothing short of transformative. The Star of the … Read more

The Symphony of Flavors in Our Baked Oysters: A Culinary Masterpiece

Greetings, esteemed guests and culinary adventurers! Allow me to extend a warm invitation to you to explore one of the most captivating dishes on our menu at The Oyster Bar—our Baked Oysters. This dish is not merely a meal; it’s a gastronomic experience, a symphony of flavors that harmonizes the ocean’s bounty with culinary artistry. … Read more


Our new featured wine is the Dr. Burklin-Wolf Dry Riesling. This beautiful dry German Riesling comes from the Pfalz region and is one of the finest estates in the country. They have a 400- year history and produce all certified organic and biodynamic wines that are handpicked and estate grown. The grapes for this wine … Read more

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