Try Idaho Rainbow Trout at the Oyster Bar

It’s time to enrich your seasonal diet with healthier and original ideas! Welcome spring renewal with the Idaho Rainbow Trout, the most popular item on the Oyster Bar menu.

Our Mediterranean seafood invention

Stuffed with bay scallops, oyster mushrooms, herbs, and lemon mousseline, the dish will grace your table and boost your energy.

Developing an original recipe for our Idaho rainbow trout, our team aimed to preserve the health benefits and savors of the ingredients. The result is a new Mediterranean dish.

Among healthy foods, rainbow trout is among vitamin leaders. Improved memory, the balanced weight, and reduced fatigue are just some benefits of regular eating of rainbow trout.

High in energy, low in calories

This fish provides our body with important elements (protein, vitamin B complex, and niacin) responsible for aiding memory, boosting energy, and supporting digestive and nerve functions.

It also reduces the risk of arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.

We enhance the excellent qualities of fish by stuffing it with bay scallops rich in magnesium and potassium.

This type of seafood is essential for heart and brain health and helpful for controlling blood pressure.

Combined with delicate shallots, slightly meaty sponge oyster mushrooms slightly sweeten the fish fillet. As a great source of protein and vitamins, both ingredients are high in antioxidants, strengthen the immune system, and up energy levels.

With French notes

To preserve all the vitamins and minerals, we bake the stuffed fish entirely with beans, mushrooms, and fragrant spices.

This method results in a gently cooked, tender fillet saturated with the juice of the bay scallops and oyster mushrooms.

The creamy and lemony mousseline sauce with spinach and basil jazz up the dish.

Originated in Normandy (France) in the 19th century, mousseline it’s of the most popular French sauces used for many Mediterranean meals.

Consider pairing the Idaho Rainbow Trout with one of our white wines from the award-winning wine program. Either Burgundy Chardonnay or New Zeeland Sauvignon Blanc will go well with the dish.

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