The 4 Seasons of Seafood at the Oyster Bar

Seafood, like fruit and vegetables, has its seasons. Let’s learn how to incorporate in-season seafood of the Pacific Northwest into our diets and benefit from it!

3 benefits of seafood seasonality

  • Health: caught undeveloped properly fish lacks minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.
  • Economic:  a seasonal increase in supply makes fish more affordable.
  • Sustainable: seafood populations migrate in and out of local areas. Consuming seasonal foods helps to prevent poaching and breaking migratory patterns.

Explore seasonal seafood in the Pacific Northwest with the Oyster Bar!

In the Pacific Northwest, about 70 species are harvested throughout the year. Some of them are available during all seasons. Such as salmon, oyster, trout, rockfish, octopus, sea scallops, etc.

Collaborating with the best local harvesters, we always have most of these types of fish. This, in turn, ensures regular updates for our seasonal menu.

Particularly popular with our guests, oysters feature our specialties. You can try them in two variations.

Baked Oysters (16.50 $) is one of the highly-ranked dishes. Served with pancetta, heirloom tomato, and spices it appeals to our visitors due to its simplicity.

Similarly, seafood admirers love our Fried Oysters (22.95 $). We serve them with apple aioli and sautéed vegetables.

Salmon Pastrami Sandwich (21.95 $) with in-house smoked fish with homemade rye bread is another popular choice on our menu. Combined with Emmental cheese and smoked sauerkraut, it’s an original culinary delight.

Calamari Golden fried rings and tentacles with saffron lemon aioli are the most popular winter choice of our visitors.

Spring is the time of crab! To enhance its health benefits, we have created Chilled Seafood Entrée Salad (32.50 $) with prawns and fruit, avocado, mango, feta cheese, and boiled eggs seasoned with Serrano chili.

In summer, we offer our guests native to the North West mussels with local vegetables. Our Steamed Mussels (18.00 $) go well with leeks, fennel, white wine, saffron tomato cream, and fresh thyme.

The autumn vegetable variety is vividly demonstrated in our Atlantic Cod Tacos (23.95 $) with cabbage jicama slaw, cilantro, red onion, arbol chili sauce, avocado, and crème Fraiche.