Woodward Canyon 2016 Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon with Oyster—The Oyster Bar!

Treat yourself at The Oyster Bar, where delicious bites and premium wines flow! Finally, the perfect day has arrived. It’s time for oysters on the half shell.

Our featured wine: Woodward Canyon 2016 Nelms Road Cabernet Sauvignon

Woodward Canyon is a winery that offers excellent wine in the French style. Their Cabernet Sauvignon has been rated as one of California’s best red wines for years, and it only gets better with age!

Old-school meets new school in this ultra-modern winery.

Woodward Canyon is a family-owned and operated vineyard with roots dating back to 1885 that has been crafting wines for more than 140 years. The Cabernet Sauvignon here comes from grapes grown on the property’s hillside slopes overlooking Lake Tahoe; it’s aged around 20 months before being bottled or released into distribution channels. You can find them at your local wine store or bar near you!

Picture this scenario:

Sundown is quickly approaching, and you’re lost in the middle of nowhere. As you turn a corner, Nelms Road comes into view. You’ve been on this road before; it’s where Woodward Canyon vineyard lies at the end of an idyllic country drive with views that can’t be found anywhere else but here! There are fresh rows upon rows for grapes waiting to ripen under their protective leaves to your delight. The grapevines stretch up towards heaven as if they know something about our future tasting experience, which we cannot yet see or taste.

A nose of deep berry, blueberry, and black currant welcomes the senses.

The Cabernet Sauvignon is dark crimson in color with an intoxicating sweetness to it that tingles on the tongue from the first sip onward. Robust leathery oak flavors come out as they dance across your taste buds before dissipating into grape-like notes accented by dried herbs like oregano or thyme and spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg for complexity. With a velvety texture and sloping acidity, each mouthful leaves you wanting more until the long luxurious finish where hints of tobacco blend seamlessly with all the other complexities found in this full-bodied red wine.

Oysters in the Pacific Northwest

When you think of the Pacific Northwest, I bet it’s not oysters that first come to mind. However, when they are in season from September through December, these bivalves can be found on menus all over this region, including everything from raw and roasted dishes like Oyster Rockefeller or grilled with lemon butter sauce as ceviche style. If your taste buds need a break for something different, try one of our regional cheeses served alongside some sourdough toast points-the perfect pairing for any time!

The Pacific Northwest coast oysters grow best in shallow, coastal waters that provide a constant input of fresh water and nutrients like plankton which they filter out with their gills. In addition, these oysters have access to saltwater and freshwater sources such as rivers–planktons which help them survive by providing essential nutrition while filtering particles through their shell’s unique structure called “radula”.

What better way to start your evening than by sitting in front of a cozy fireplace? So call ahead and reserve your seat at our table so you can enjoy the best dining experience at The Oyster Bar!