Celebrate Your Birthday Party at the Oyster Bar

Find five useful ideas for a memorable Birthday Party at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive! We have everything you need for a particular event. From a cozy terrace with a great view, to a seasonal menu, and an impressive wine list.

Benefit from the beautiful Samish Bay views

We are happy to offer for your special occasion different options for the celebration – a private space or spacious terrace. Whichever option you chose, allocate a special time for memorable photos-sessions.

Undoubtedly, the exploration of the autumn picturesque scenery of the Samish Bay will definitely make a great part of your celebration.

You also may want to explore the Larrabee State Park or the Oyster Dome trail for more impressive views.

Specialize the menu

It is very convenient to offer your guests a set of dishes. So that they can pick a limited selection. Benefit from our specialties, upgraded every month.

Indeed, oysters feature heavily on the Oyster Bar menu. however, we also have a wide variety of other seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.

Impress your friends with our new specialty Oyster Bar Bouillabaisse, $ 26.50. This seafood delight is packed with vitamins thanks to a rich mix of mussels, clams, shrimp, and fish.

For vegetarians, we prepared the Vegetarian Spinach Gnocchi, $ 19.00. Mixed with fragrant herbs, shitake mushrooms, and goat cheese create a great dining experience.

Start with a cocktail hour

With the award-winning wine list, the Oyster Bar team will help you choose the best options to greet your guests. Our wine program boasts 1400+ items each of which is carefully selected in the best world’s best wine yards.

The Oyster Bar aperitif section of the wine list is a good starting point. For instance, you can include to your cocktail hour St. Raphael Dore $7. With bitter orange, vanilla, and caramel notes, the drink is a great mood-booster and appetizer.

Personalize the environment

Additionally, you may add your personality to a special evening. For instance, create your own name cards or decorate the space with your favorite flowers.

Call to discuss any ideas and to make a reservation now 360-766-6185!