Customer Review: Joseph M.

Started out with the steamed mussels and the marinated beet salad. Both were outstanding. The mussels were bigger than I’m used to getting, but seemed like the perfect size. The pistou brought the mussels to a new level! The beet salad was very good, but without any surprises (it was my wife’s anyway.. and she loved it).

The wine list was like a phone book! Maybe a tiny town’s phone book, but it was 27 pages 🙂 We decided to get one of the least expensive Northwest cab savs, the Three Rivers Winery for $41 – choices went WAY up from there. The wine went well with the meal and we were satisfied.

For the main course, my wife had the Lobster Bisque. She loved it… I had a sample bite and thought it was very good but not amazing. I ordered the Prime Top Sirloin Steak “on the rare side of medium rare”. The steak was about 3 times thicker than I am used to getting, so the middle was quite rare. It was probably technically exactly what I ordered, but the ratio of very rare to medium rare was not ideal, for me. I reluctantly sent it back. It came back just right. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever sent a steak back. Would have ordered it differently if I’d known it was “baseball cut”. Oh well.

Atmosphere and service was great. We were sort of forced to try this place out now that the Cliffhouse is out of business. Nice to know there’s another place to go near Bellingham.