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Live Maine Lobster!

(Warning: The following blog post will create an undeniable craving for all things lobster. Read at your own risk.)

You may have seen our live Maine lobster offerings on our social media feeds lately. During the month of January, our lobster entree special includes a half or whole lobster served with prime top sirloin steak, prime filet mignon steak, or with wild gulf prawns. (Is your mouth watering yet?) In addition to our special lobster entree, we are offering 5 small plates all featuring mouth-watering lobster. For anyone that has wanted to try lobster, these small plates are affordable and PACKED with lobster flavor. (We don’t skimp on the lobster, either.) For those with an established love for lobster, you’ll want to try all plates especially the ice cream.

Our small plate lobster specials include:

Lobster RavioliLobster Ravioli: served with mascarpone, arugula pesto, toasted pine nuts, brown butter, and shallots.

Lobster BisqueLobster Bisque: with goat cheese gougere and fresh chives.

Lobster Specials The Oyster BarLobster Carpaccio Salad: served with thin slices of lobster, avocado, mango, passion fruit, and vanilla bean vinaigrette.

Lobster Mac & CheeseLobster Mac and Cheese: with truffle cream, lemon powder, brown butter, and cookie crumble.


Lobster Ice Cream The Oyster BarLobster Ice Cream: lobster infused cream, lemon powder, brown butter, and cookie crumble. (This is a MUST try.)

For pricing information, please visit our lobster specials menu.

To help with the winter chills, we’ve always got our fireplace going and invite our guests to enjoy a nice fireside meal.

The sun is setting from 4-5 pm directly over Samish Island, it makes for a stunning spectacle to close out the day, and complements your feast.

Oyster Bar Thanksgiving Specials

In the spirit of celebration, the Oyster Bar serves it’s dinner menu from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm on major holidays. Of course we always have off menu specials as well.
The specials for Thanksgiving this year will include Cider Sage Roasted Turkey Breast with Smoked Oyster and Pancetta Stuffing and Chanterelle Madiera Gravy, Harissa Boar Tenderloin with Pomogranate Maple Syrup and preserved Lemon and Saffron Pearl Conscous, and Cedar Roasted Mahi Mahi with Pumpkin Spaetzle, Roasted Shallots, Baslsamic Brown Butter and Rainbow Chard. All Entrees will be preceded with Cranberry Sorbet and accompanied with Pumpkin Souffle, green beans, roasted parsnip mash potatoes, brussel sprouts and maple roasted butternut squash with toasted pecans and sherry vinaigrette.
Desserts include Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake, Chocoalte Truffle Cake, Apple Tart Tatin, Chocolate Mint Trio, Huckleberry Malt Creme Brulee and Cardamom Fig Baked Alaska.
Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Summer Specials

The weather’s warming up and fresh seafood’s sounding really good for lunch or dinner.
This week at the Oyster Bar we have Fresh Cedar Roasted Oregon Petrale Sole with smoked sea scallop and red onion vinagrette. From Hawaii, we have Fresh Swordfish with Plum Ginger and White Zinfandal reduction. We probably only have one more week with our wonderful Fresh Copper River Salmon, Herb grilled with Strawberry Black Truffle emulsion and balsamic syrup. The Fresh Alaskan Halibut is seared with a macadamia crust and is finished with a curry, mango and lime emulsion.
Looking for something unusual? Try our Herb Grilled Utah Elk Chop with Huckleberry Buerre Rouge. Also available, California Red Abalone sliced thin and flash sauteed with Hazelnut Lime Butter.
Prefer Vegetarian Fare? Our Quinoa Stuffed Red Pepper is fabulous. Black Quinoa and Feta stuffed Roasted Red Pepper with charred asparagus, grilled portabella mushroom, balsamic syrup and toasted pin nuts is perfect for summer.
The weather’s warmed up and we’re enjoying the deck.
Happy Summer!

Something Special for March

We’re offering a new set of specials for March. We have Columbia River sturgeon served with caviar cream, chive puree and crispy potato galette. For game we’re offering Jugged Rabbit Terrine served with huckleberry mustard, pickled onions and watercress salad. Also on the menu is the Missouri Venison Chop with roasted shallots thyme borderlaise and truffle bread pudding. Finally we have a Olive crusted Mahi Mahi served with charred heriloom tomatoes, balsamic syrup and toasted pinenuts.

February Specials

The Oyster Bar would like to announce our February Specials. We’re excited to offer our Live Maine Lobster with grape tomatoes and black truffle vinaigrette. Also on the menu is Beef Wellington with a mushroom duxelle, foie gras butter and cabernet reduction. Additionally we are featuring Alaskan King Crab legs with a tequila lime marinate and yuzu butter. For something sweet we’ve added a Passion Fruit Tartlet with a pine nut crust, fresh berries and a port syrup.

January Specials

The Oyster Bar is featuring several January Specials including Oregon White Truffles and Oregon Chanterelle Mushrooms. We also have two fresh exotic seafood dishes. The first dish is a Tasmanian Salmon-Hawaiian Spearfish. The second dish is a Hawaiian Mahi Mahi-Australian Barramundi.

This Week at the Oyster Bar

A few leaves are starting to fly, but’s it’s still warm enough to enjoy the deck!

This week we’re featuring a couple of appetizer specials: House Cured Gravlax with crispy capers, radish sprouts, and minced shallot and goat cheese croustini and Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms with warm goat cheese, dry sherry, rosemary and grilled focaccia bread.

Special Entrees include: Fresh Columbia River Sturgeon with caviar cream, chives and rainbow chard and Herb Grilled Venison Tenderloin with huckleberry foi gras beurre rouge.

If you make it in for lunch, don’t miss out on the Grilled Salmon Pastrami Sandwich. It’s made with house cured fresh salmon, emmantaler cheese, smoked sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and rye bread then grilled with a little olive oil. Locals and out of towners have been really raving about this one.

We hope you’re enjoying football, soccer, fishing, hitting the greens and all the other good times to be had here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest this time of year! Are we lucky or what??!

New Specials

Lightly Smoked, Champagne Poached Oysters with Daikon Radish Salad and Ginger Lime Dressing offers a new twist….$16.

Slow Roasted Hawaiian Swordfish with Kalamata Olive Crust, Roasted Heirloom tomatoes and Balsamic Reduction is offered at Lunch ($24) and Dinner ($33).

Herb Grilled Missouri Venison Tenderloin with Roasted Shallot Demi Glace and Sauteed Chanterelles is today’s game and is available at Dinner…$45.

The chef’s taking advantage of peak Peach and Blackberry season with Peach and Blackberry Baked Alaska, rum flamed and delicious!

The sunsets have been awesome this week and the deck temperature is perfect! Hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather too.

First of the Season Chanterelle Mushrooms!

Summer will be over soon enough, yes, but that also means that it’s chanterelle mushroom season.
We’re serving the season’s earliest fresh local foraged Chanterelles as an appetizer this week. They’re served with warm goat cheese, dry sherry, rosemary and grilled focaccia bread.
Looking for something a little meatier? Try our Rosemary Grilled Wild Boar Shortloin with sauteed Chanterelles and huckleberry port demi-glace.
Fresh Halibut and Salmon are great and we have the best, but if you’re looking for a change, try our Fresh Oven Roasted Hawaiian Swordfish. Chef Justin’s doing it with a Kalamata olive crust, roasted heirloom tomatoes and balsamic reduction.
An don’t miss out on our fabulous berry desserts. The berry’s are perfect right now and we’re making the most of them with our Strawberry Trifle, and Fresh Mixed Berries with Vanilla Merignue and Port Syrup.
Hope to see you soon!

Fresh Wild Morels Abound at the Oyster Bar

Wild Morel Mushroom Season

It’s the last week of the Wild Morel season here and Chef Justin Gordon is taking full advantage of them.

Morels are considered to be the best spring mushroom because of their wonderful smoky, earthy and complex flavor. This week we’re serving them with Grilled Wild Columbia Sturgeon which is paired with Smoked Tomato Chardonnay Butter and Sauteed Morels. Also featuring the prized morels is the Herb Grilled New Zealand Elk Chopwhich is finished with a sauce of Morels, Roasted Shallots, Oloroso and Demiglace. Our Vegetarian Entree is Mushroom Gnocchi with morels, oyster mushrooms, asparagus spears, potato gnocchi, tomato concasse, shaved parmesan and black truffle mushroom broth. Our Vegetarian Soup, Summer Asparagus Soup is garnished with morels, roasted garlic oil and shaved manchego.

If you’d like to try using fresh morels at home, you can often find them at the local market. Edible morels vary in color from golden and black, which we favor here at the Oyster Bar but you may also find them in tan or a gray color. The average size is two to four inches but they can be as long as eight inches. Be sure to choose clean, dry morels with a fresh woodsy smell. Be aware that morels are best used fresh, but if you must store them, they seem to keep best stored in a paper bag in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to use them, just rinse and dry them and they’re ready to go.

Many are tempted to hunt for their own morels. Please be aware that there are more poisonous mushrooms than edible ones and it takes experience and expertise to know the difference. It’s best to go out with a local mycological society on your first mushroom picking trip. A good field guide will also have pictures and descriptions to help prevent a deadly mistake. Here in many areas of Washington State, a personal use permit is also required to go mushroom hunting. Those that enjoy hunting their own mushrooms claim that the hunt enhances the whole experience of preparing and enjoying them.

Whether you’re eating your own hand picked morels, fresh market morels, or professionally prepared morels such as those served here at the Oyster Bar, be sure to only eat cooked morels. It’s best to only eat a couple of teaspoons of cooked morels when eating them for the first time. Then wait for twenty four hours to be sure there is no allergic reaction.


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Enticing aromas of black currant, olive, spices, tobacco, and lead pencil. Deep red in color. In the mouth the wine offers savory blueberry fruit, mature tannins, beautiful texture and a long generous finish.

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