The Best Crab Cakes in the Pacific Northwest

The Oyster Bar in Bow, Washington, is the best place to eat Crab Cakes in the area. The Crab Cakes are made with fresh, delicious Dungeness crab, and you can taste the difference. They also use rock crab, which is perfect for this dish. The Crab Cakes are excellent because they mix high-quality ingredients to … Read more

The 4 Seasons of Seafood at the Oyster Bar

Smoked Salmon chowder, Fresh northwest seafood, oyster bar

Seafood, like fruit and vegetables, has its seasons. Let’s learn how to incorporate in-season seafood of the Pacific Northwest into our diets and benefit from it! 3 benefits of seafood seasonality Health: caught undeveloped properly fish lacks minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Economic:  a seasonal increase in supply makes fish more affordable. Sustainable: seafood populations migrate … Read more

This March: Small Plate Crab Dishes!

This month, it’s alright to feel crabby! That’s because the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive is offering a number of delicious small plate crab dishes throughout March and April. (Not available Easter weekend) Our chefs have whipped up a number of mouth-watering crab dishes for you to enjoy. Perhaps you’d like to try the Snow … Read more