Customer Review: Paul van D.

Mid winter, mid week, light snow, light(as in only us) crowd. Jax , our server, was friendly and accomodating. Her intimate knowledge of wines btg was correct and appropriate for our food choices. 18 mixed oysters were fresh and delicious with only a squeeze of lemon to brighten the flavors. Which was good as the frozen granitas mignonette lacked acidity. Nice idea though. Crab cakes w curry aioli & chutney were perfect. We had the cioppino, whose broth had a nice reduction quality to it, with a hint of saffron and heat to round it out. Its variety of seafood had to been individually cooked as each were tender and flavorful. The local truffle ravioli with a walnut and chanterell cream sauce was our other entree. 6 nice raviolis w a nest of mushrooms and greens. Delicious as well. Good coffee, a glass of Ximenez sherry, and a slice of Grand Marnier cheesecake completed our meal. Cheesecakes are popular on winter menus and this one did not disappoint. Fluffy with a slight tartness, in a pistachio crust- fabulous! All in all, a perfect dining experience guarantees our return- even without the famous view.