Take advantage of Galbraith Mountain Bike Park’s biking opportunities

Mountain Bike Park is a beautiful Mountain centre that is characterised by ambience of fresh air, gorgeous landscape, and natural serenity. This world-class Bike Park is located at the city of Bellingham which is one of the cities with great commercial significance in the United States.

The mountain destination houses about 65 miles of single track trail to the delight of sport and trail lovers alike. In addition to this, the prominent centre has a gain altitude of approximately 1,785 feet which is one of the highest by Mountain destination in the world

History of Mountain Bike Park 

The history of the Mountain Bike Park can be traced back to 30 years ago when the “Weatherford Mountain Bike Club” shortly known as WMBC managed and oversee the day-to-day administration of the sport facility. This was not easy during that time because of the extra work that had to be done to peaceful compromise the several property owners involved. However, the park is now owned by a single property owner though accessing the area before this time was relatively easy.

Furthermore, WMBC is a group of dedicated servicepersons with commitment to better the state of trail systems in the country. They have worked hand-in-hand with the past and present landlords to ensure that the mountain park is accessible though there exist no warranty for the access. Aside this, other factors like the finance also play a huge role on the accessibility of the park. This is one of reasons why benefactors and well-wishers are encouraged by the management of the sport facility to support the initiative to continue providing services to the masses.


The Mountain Bike Park is located in the serene environment of northernmost Bellingham city, Washington, DC, United States. It can be accessed either through the South or the North route. 

Accessing through the South route would require one to use the Samish way. This area is characterized by numerous parking spots which is one of its most referred landmark zone. Across this area, one will find a street springing from the popular Galbraith Lane road. From here, the Mountain Bike Park can easily be spotted.

On the other hand, using the North route would require one to access the Park from the downtown region of Bellingham city. The destination starts from Lakeway Dr. which is also characterized by parking lot. It’s connected to Whatcom Falls Park which is home to the entrance door of one of the mountain trails.

The Trails of Mountain Bike Park

This mountain park has a good network of trails laying beautifully across its nice, steep land mass. The trails available are various and thus designed to fit riders of different caliber. It can be accessed via north or south and there is a road map to guide visitors. 

The Mountain Bike Park is a beautiful mountain location with great sporting cultural heritage. Due to its vast trail tracks, it avers to offer memorable trail experience to hikers, horse riders, runners, bikers, and so on. This sport facility is expected to expand its service-rendering capacity in the nearest future where additional activities and events are anticipated. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best destinations for trail lovers. After a fun time at the park, a good time at the the Oyster Bar, just south of Bellingham is a good way to ease off the afternoon bustle.