5 Best Things To Know About Hiking In The Larrabee State Park Area

Just northwest of The Oyster Bar south of Bellingham, Washington is Larrabee State Park. It truly is one of the most beautiful state parks in the Pacific Northwest. Below are the five best trails to know about when hiking in and around Larrabee State Park.

#1 – Fragrance Lake Trail

The Fragrance Lake Trail is a near 4-mile looped trail that is right by Bellingham, Washington. This trail features a lake that you can run, hike, or nature walk. Dogs are welcome to join you on the Fragrance Lake Trail, as well. You can expect the average walker to round the lake in about one hour and thirty minutes.

#2 – South Lost Lake Trail

The South Lost Lake Trail is the longest one on our list, at 9.8 miles total. In about five and a half hours, you can stroll around some of the most beautiful lands in all of Washington state. This trail is open year-round, which gives you endless possibilities to come and check it out.

#3 – Chuckanut Mountain

Chuckanut Mountain offers some of the best elevation gains of any Larrabee State Park hike. With almost 2,000 feet of elevation gain over six miles, you will experience a sensational out and back hike. Even though this hike has its steep parts, this hike is well worth the time.

#4 – Rock Trail

One of the easier trails at Larrabee State Park is the Rock Trail. The hike is 1.7 miles and is perfect for taking in the sights of sensational wildflowers. You might even be able to take in some bird watching, too.

#5 – Cyrus Gates Overlook

The Cyrus Gates Overlook is almost 6 miles long, but it only has an elevation gain of 1,184 feet. This trail is certainly doable for any hiker level. Enjoy this out and back at your leisure.