Fresh Gulf Coast Blue Prawns

We know you have many seafood choices. But, the Fresh Gulf Coast Blue Prawns on The Oyster Bar Menu need a look. Fresh Gulf Coast Blue Prawns live in a lot of places besides its namesake. They are found in other tropical locations such as Hawaii and Brazil. The name comes from the blue tail of the prawns. This colored prawn is one of the most vibrant of all seafood options consumed by humans.

To be harvested, Fresh Gulf Coast Blue Prawns move from saltwater to freshwater spaces. When blue prawns spend time in freshwater, they get larger than when in saltwater. As the prawn stays in freshwater, the body will become longer and narrower. In turn, individuals will still get the same taste and texture but more to consume. Customers believe this is a win-win.

The name “prawn” refers to extra-large shrimp. When prawns come out of the ocean, they need to stay alive for the best eating results. Fresh prawns are often flash-frozen. Customers will be pleased with the taste and texture. Another thing to keep in mind with prawns is they will typically have a fresher flavor they are headless.

Luckily, blue prawns get harvested though out the year. This means there is plenty to go around for people who love their blue prawns. Take in the flavor today at The Oyster Bar. Whether you come for the holidays or any day of the week, blue prawns are not your typical seafood, and you will see why. You can expect no GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, or steroids with our Fresh Gulf Coast Blue Prawns.

With their vibrant color, taste, and texture, you can expect greatness in every bite.