Safe Dining at The Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar is prepared for safe dining as we open the doors to our restaurant from 4th February 2021. We are excited to welcome back all our customers and we assure you the best and safest dining experience on Chuckanut drive.

With the lifting of the covid-restrictions, the Oyster Bar recognizes the need for public health and safety. As a result, Management has charted out designs that are imperative for a safe dining experience. Our innovative designs guarantee public safety and prevent COVID-19 spread. We have arranged our indoor and outdoor dining in a way that meets the recommended standards for restaurant operation.


Our facilities were inspected by the Washington State Liquor Control Board and they have been approved for operation. We have enhanced our ventilation system by replacing 4 stationary windows with ones that open. As a result, we recommend a warm outfit for our customers as adequate ventilation procedures will be followed. Our CO2 monitor was checked by the WSLCB and marked satisfactory. We upgraded HVAC to medical-grade Merv 13 and put several Plexiglas dividers in place.

We of course still follow all the other guidelines with employees wearing masks; one-time use menus; sign-in sheets for tracking etc. We keep the 6-foot distance.

At the Oyster Bar, we hope to restore some of the vibes from before Covid-19. We are looking to create an environment where people can feel good and have a nice time with friends, while consciously taking the necessary precaution for safety. We hope to gradually restore what people miss, the ritual of getting a drink and sharing a meal. “I miss ordering wine,” a customer said.  “I miss reading a cocktail menu”.

Safe Dining

Lookout for Germs

Protecting our customers from the coronavirus is and will be our priority always. If there is something 2020 has taught the restaurant industry, it is that providing a sanitary environment to reduce the risk of germs should always be top of mind. The public attention is now more focused on cleanliness. One of the ways the Oyster Bar wants to show our customers we care is by giving them a clean environment.

Well Trained Staff

The Oyster Bar has trained its staff & continues to promote proper cleaning and disinfection routine after each guest.  Above all, measures such as capacity limits, hand sanitizer, great ventilation, and masks for employees will be strictly followed.