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Don’t Like Seafood? Try our 3 New Mushroom Dishes

Whether you are an avid seafood fan or a non-seafood lover, our team is pleased to offer a unique dining experience at one of the most picturesque spots of Chuckanut Drive at the Oyster Bar terrace!

Health benefits of mushroom dishes

Rich in nutrients, mushrooms are among the most powerful superfoods, products with maximum nutritional benefits for minimum calories.

Additionally, mushrooms provide our bodies with vital organic nutrients: fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

According to numerous studies of the last decade, the regular consumption of mushroom dishes helps reduce cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar regulation and lower insulin levels.

The control over these factors allows for decreasing heart disease risk.

You can further enhance the advantages of mushroom consumption by complementing other healthy foods – vegetables, cheese, and nuts.

To combine health benefits with the excellent savor, we have selected shitake mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

Both are fungi with the most umami flavor (a distinctive meaty taste), among the five basic tastes, alongside bitter, salty, sour, and sweet. The Japanese term umami literary means ‘a pleasant savory taste’.

Thus, each mushroom dish at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive represents a healthy choice and a delicious experience.

The mushroom choices at the Oyster Bar

Begin with one of our original lunch appetizers – the Mushroom Tartlet, $ 19.50. The basis of the dish is a classic combination of mushrooms and leeks mixed with whipped goat cheese and roasted garlic.

Due to its tangy nuances, the Mushroom Tartlet is a perfect stimulator of the appetite.

For the main dish, you can choose the Vegetarian Spinach Gnocchi, $ 19, or the Fresh Summer Asparagus Soup, Cup – $ 6,75, Bowl – $ 11.50.

The Vegetarian Spinach Gnocchi is one of the most praised specialties at the Oyster Bar. Our guests appreciate the selection of nutritious ingredients and the exquisite taste they provide.

We make the dumplings by mixing shitake mushrooms with asparagus, celeriac, roasted garlic, baby spinach, snap peas, and toasted pecans.

In addition, a light goat cheese cream enriches the dish with tart, earthy notes.

For mushroom lovers, who favor fewer ingredients in mushroom dishes, we offer the Fresh Summer Asparagus Soup.

In this lightly cream vegetarian soup, oyster mushrooms act as a flavorful garnish.

Due to their mild savory anise flavor, oyster mushrooms work well with another original ingredient – Manchego cheese.

With its original slight piquancy, the concentrated flavor of the uncooked pressed-curd sheep cheese contrasts vividly with the mushrooms.

Consider pairing the mushroom dishes with elegant Pinot Noir or earthy Syrah from the Oyster Bar’s  wine list; each wine matches perfectly with the rich flavors of the mushrooms.

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5 Healthy Seafood and Wine Pairings

Try new fresh seafood – wine matchings to enrich your dining experience with the Oyster Bar upgraded menu, Chuckanut Drive!

The benefits of eating seafood

Pleasant weather signals a natural urge to sit outside, sipping a glass of fine wine with a light meal. The terrace of Oyster Bar calls for relaxing and enjoying beautiful spring views.

Undoubtedly, our new healthy seafood dishes will add new dimensions to your gathering.

Here are just some positive effects of the newly created dishes:

  • Provide important nutrients. High in proteins and low in calories, our new seafood dishes are rich sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin complexes. They decrease the risk of heart attack and strengthen the immune system.
  • Protect from cancer. Selenium is another essential element that helps prevent cancer. It produces special enzymes for creating resistance to the development of cancer cells.
  • Boost brainpower. Our brain consists of omega-3 fat. So, to support its effective functioning, it is essential to provide more fatty acids. Additionally, they help to avoid memory problems and dementia.

Refreshing and light, the selected wines will frame the flavors of the meals and enrich their tastes.

Notably, the grapes harvested for wines are from regions with mineral-rich soils. As a result, the wines reflect similar mineral tones of seafood dishes and enhance their health benefits.

Additionally, to preserve valuable vitamins and minerals, the Oyster Bar team chooses the healthiest cooking methods – steaming, roasting, or seasoning it with marinade.

#1 Raw Oysters from $2.95 & Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Château la Noe France 2018, $ 34

This white wine is a classic pair for oysters. Thanks to its vivid fruit notes, it highlights the tender sweetness of the oysters’ buttery meat. Locally harvested, our oysters are always fresh.

Working like a squeeze of lemon, the energizing acidity of Muscadet helps enjoy the incomparable taste of crisp oysters.

#2 Fresh Alaskan Halibut $ 29.00 & Sauvignon Blanc Chateau Ste. Michelle – Horse Heaven Hills Columbia Valley 2017 $ 33

The oven-roasted fish has a delicate meaty texture and is served with a Swiss chard crust and finished with local black truffle cream and fresh chives.

With its musky touch, the sauce enhances the gentle fillet and crispy coating of the halibut.

Aromatic citrus of dry white Sauvignon Blanc with ‘green’ herb notes further highlights the flavorful ingredients by its racy acidity.

#3 Maine Lobster Tail (one – $ 35.00, two – $53.00) & Chardonnay Dona Paula Argentina 2010 $ 38

Praised for its tropical flavor and lively acidity, white Argentinian Chardonnay is an ideal companion for creamy lobster meat.

The wine also works wonderfully with the original spicy dressing – yuzu honey butter and gremolata made from finely minced parsley, garlic, and lemon zest.

With notes of red apples and tart pear, Chardonnay has low amounts of sugar, making it a truly healthy option.

#4 Steamed Mussels $18.00 & Pinot Gris Backyard Vineyards B.C., Canada 2018 $ 43

For this dish, we select locally harvested fresh mussels, steam them quickly and season them with white wine and a herbal mix.

In the end, we add a touch of saffron tomato cream that softens the fragrant bitterness of fresh thyme, leeks, and fennel.

So, everything you need to enjoy the meal is a bright fruit nuance to spice up the meal.

Famous for its refreshing citrus flavor and zesty acidity, Pinot Gris is an excellent choice. With floral, raspberry, and redcurrant aromas.

Thanks to the strong lemon, lime, and nectarine hues, it will work well with the saffron tomato cream and enhance faintly sweet mushroom-like fluffy, tender mussels.

#5 Fresh Gulf Coast Blue Prawns $ 34.50 & Riesling Schloss Vollrads QbA Rheingau 2016 $ 43

Sauteed with snap peas, charmoula butter, and preserved lemon is served on a nutty bed of harissa couscous.

Choosing the best wine for this meal, you can pair it with the crispy prawns or the buttery fixings.

Although Cabernet and prawns are a classic pairing, we suggest accompanying the rich dressing the intensive white Riesling from Rheingau.

With bright melon, nectarine, and pineapple notes, this medium-bodied acidic wine is perfect with this balanced seafood meal.

Consider experimenting and mixing the wines and meals from this set – they are interchangeable.

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*Prices noted in this article are subject to change. 

This March: Small Plate Crab Dishes!

small plate crab dishes

This month, it’s alright to feel crabby! That’s because the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive is offering a number of delicious small plate crab dishes throughout March and April. (Not available Easter weekend) Our chefs have whipped up a number of mouth-watering crab dishes for you to enjoy. Perhaps you’d like to try the Snow Crab Lasagna? Or maybe a Petite King Crab Salad is more your taste? Or you could always sit by our fireplace and warm yourself up with the Dungeness and Whiskey Soup.

Here’s everything the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive has prepared for you crab-wise.

For information on pricing, please visit our menu.


Snow Crab Lasagna
Lemon dill pasta, portabella mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, basil, roasted red pepper and star anise coulis and basil oil.

Snow Crab Lasagna


Dungeness and Whiskey Soup
With crab crackers and fresh chives.

Dungeness and Whiskey Soup

Petite King Crab Salad
Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, basil, arugula and black truffle vinaigrette.

King Crab Salad The Oyster Bar

King Crab Brulee
Blue oyster mushrooms, shallots, basil, capers, saffron lemon mousseline and grilled brioche.

King Crab Brulee The Oyster Bar

Crab Cocktail
Snow, King and Dungeness crab, spicy gazpacho, avocado mousse and crostini.

Crab Cocktail The Oyster Bar

If you wish, our servers will happily pair any small plate crab dish you order with a selection from our award-winning wine cellar. Each bottle on our list has been personally selected by the owner, so as to cover every major wine-producing region of the world.
We have limited seating in our restaurant, so we recommend you call ahead and make a reservation if the crab plates have your mouth watering!

Make a Reservation

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Featured Wine: Domaine Magdalena Cabernet Sauvignon

(Bin #1114 $87) This sophisticated, balanced Washington Red is everything a Cabernet from Red Mountain should be. It’s fine tannins accent the beautiful notes of blackberry, rose petal and earth. Domaine Magdalena is not only beautifully made but also thoughtfully made. The wine undergoes wild yeast fermentation, is unfiltered and is Demeter certified biodynamic. This wine can stand alone but would pair nicely with so many of our dishes including our vegetarian and wild game options.


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