The 125-year history of Bow, WA in its roads

2021 marks the 2 important dates: the 125th birthday of the oldest artifact of Bow – a steam locomotive – and the 105th anniversary of the opening of Chuckanut Drive. Explore exciting facts about the milestones of our community!

The railroad impact in Bow

The second part of the 19th century featured the advent of the railroad that changed the economic landscape of America.

And Bow was at the forefront of those processes due to its unique geographical position.

It was then when it got its current name, instead of the previous one Brownsville. It was named after the large London railway station (England). This was followed by a population boom and railroad expansion.

Those processes resulted in technological and agricultural development. For instance, one of the most important events was the building of a steam locomotive used in the area.

Built in 1896, now the vehicle is on the private property of a local farmer, in good working condition.

He built a special 24″ gauge track similar to the road the locomotive operated on.

Everyone can ride Bow Hill Rail Road Train during the Christmas season around the owner’s home.  Photo sessions with Santa are additional bonuses.

In exchange, visitors are asked to donate some human or pet food to the Alger food bank.

Picking up speed with Chuckanut Drive

Overlapped with the development of the Pacific Northwest, the history of Chuckanut Drive was an integral part of many important processes in Skagit and Whatcom counties.

Due to its significance, the segment became a part of the state highway system in 1895 as a Blanchard – Whatcom County line road. 1916 marked its official opening as a gravel road.

Except for its economic role, Chuckanut Drive has significant social and cultural impacts. It is famous for its natural and culinary landmarks.

Thanks to its geographical position and fertile farmland, it connects many cultures and continues enriching its cultural heritage.

As a part of such a dynamic community, the Oyster Bar team is proud to connect our guests with local traditions through a unique culinary and wine experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural traditions of Chuckanut Drive, explore its culinary landmark, and make a reservation 360-223-5811.