The Future of Wild Salmon

Salmon is one of the most well-known fishes in the all the world. At “The Oyster Bar,” we certainly have some wonderful salmon dishes for you to get your taste-buds watering. But, some have be wondering if the future of salmon is danger. There certainly is a lot going on in our world that is making a salmon’s lifestyle that much harder. Let us dig into the solutions to help salmon thrive like they once did.

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Fixing Dams and Mining Issues

Many salmon species are at war with clear-cut logging that has caused trouble for salmon. With mining all the around the area, many habitats of salmon are in “murky waters,” to say it lightly. There needs to be more emphasis on sustainable energy that is not impacting our environment, as much as it is affecting the salmon population. Dams are costing billions of dollar. Even with the power that is given off of dams, the cost is too great to salmon. Instead, honing more solar and wind technology would be an alternative solution here.

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Making More Conservation Areas

Whether salmon lands can be protected through conservation, state parks, or nationals parks, this could be the saving grace for salmon in the Pacific Northwest. For the lovers of salmon in the area, if there is no area left with salmon, it will be hard to get a bite at all. Salmon really need to be put first.

If the United States of America is able to do this effectively, there is hope for salmon for generations to come. It may be hard to put the focus on the environment in this day and age, with so many other things happening. But, salmon and other species of fish may be lost forever if awareness does not lead to change.