Award Winning Wine Cellar for Wine Lovers

Good wine is the perfect complement to good food. However, finding good wine can be a bit difficult in the Northwest. However, the Oyster Bar may be just the place for you if you love wine. In this piece, we are going to talk about our Award Winning Wine Cellar.

Why Every Oenophile Should Visit our Award Winning Wine Cellar

The Wine List at the Oyster Bar is quite extensive and offers almost every kind of wine that customers could want. It doesn’t matter if you prefer an acidic wine or a tangy one because we, at the Oyster Bar have the most aromatic and balanced wines.

Our Wine List has been on top of the competition for the past 30 years as we have received awards from the Wine Lists of the World by the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine. We have managed to get the award for the Best of Award of Excellence, which is an accomplishment on its own.

Guy Colbert and wine buyer Amanda Abbott work together to customize our wine list and have helped us collect the best wine choices for oenophiles. Verticals like the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are somewhat their personal favorites.

Additionally, our wine servers can help customers with full descriptions of our wines while choosing them.

Featured Wine at the Oyster Bar:

Let’s have a look at our featured wine at the Oyster Bar.

Paraduxx Proprietary Red Wine

Duckhorn Wine Company in Napa Valley produces this complex wine. It has the aroma of cranberry and red current with small hinges of black tea and cloves. It also has chocolate and warm spices for its long and lush finish.

This is one of our most loved wine choices for fall sipping. This wine selection has a dark and deep taste and has other tastes of cocoa powder and cranberry. Furthermore, it has sophisticated layers of anise, vanilla, and sweet tobacco leaf. You will also notice resh-cracked black pepper taste coupled with a berry layered finishing at the end.

The blend contains the following composition:

  • 10% Petit Verdot
  • 11% Zinfandel
  • 3% Malbec
  • 4% Cabernet Franc
  • 6% Petite Sirah
  • 6% Syrah
  • 60% Cabernet Sauvignont

The Oyster Bar always takes its wine tasting and choices seriously. It is a major reason why we try our level best to bring the best of the best for our customers. You can check out our complete menu to pair with your favorite wine dishes, for your next visit to the Oyster Bar. You can refer to our wine descriptions to get a clearer picture of the wines we have to offer. Make sure you visit our Award Winning Wine Cellar.

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