Dinner at Oyster Bar for a Special Event

Celebrations on important events matter, whether it’s a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary. But, ensuring the celebration is worth the time and investment also matters. You can plan the special event anywhere but nothing matches the taste and elegance of the Oyster Bar at the Chuckanut Drive.

The restaurant will make sure that you come for the view and stay for the food. Chuckanut Drive is one of the most eye-appealing spots in all of San Juan and offers a lush green, splashing ocean right in front of your eyes, rich hiding spots, and a long history that tells a story of its own.

Planning a Special Event Dinner at Oyster Bar

Our restaurant, the Oyster Bar is almost as old as the Chuckanut Drive, which started as a small oyster shack back in the 1920’s. However, we have established ourselves as one of the finest oyster bars and eateries in the region. You can make a reservation with us and let us make your special event memorable.

Our restaurant offers everything from season-inspired menus to ensure you get to taste the specialties offered by every season. We also take pride in receiving Best Award of Excellence from the Wine Spectator since 1990.

You will also get the largest collection of menu options, and wine choices from our finest wine cellars. Our food options include everything from appetizers, to soups and salads, followed by Dinner Entrees and Specialties of the house. Our chefs focus on making every dish to perfection ensuring, your special event is memorable.

Just make sure you let the restaurant know when you wish to show up, and we will prepare everything for you. The Oyster Bar also offers a private dining option that lets you decide on a customized menu with a few seasonal changes here and there.

The Private Dining section can accommodate up to 30-80 people to gather and celebrate their special occasion. The private dining also has a unique menu that you can manage and confirm with us before making a reservation.

End the Special Day Uniquely

You can head out to Chuknaut Drive again once you are done with your meal with the Oyster Bar. This will help you get some time alone if you are coming in with your partner or celebrating something special. You can top it up with explorative activities like easy hiking, breath-taking views and tasty food takeaway in case you want more of the Oyster Bar’s food.

Feel free to make your reservations with the Oyster Bar today by calling at 360-766-6185. You can also check out the list of featured wines here to find more info on what you can find to pour. Make your reservation today.

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