Fresh Oysters from The Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive is the best place to find amazing fresh oysters. We serve only the freshest, highest-quality seafood available. 

Our menu changes daily based on what’s fresh and in season, but we always have six varieties of fresh oysters sourced from the waters of Washington and British Columbia. Our current featured appetizer is oysters served with a side of hard cider mignonette.

Why The Oyster Bar is the Best Place to Eat Fresh Oysters

We serve only the freshest oysters from Washington and BC. Our menu changes daily, but there are always six varieties to choose from – each with a unique taste and texture.

We provide a variety of fresh oysters because there is no such thing as having too many oysters. There are different types and flavors to try, and the best way to experience them all is by trying as many varieties as possible. You can’t find a better selection of oysters anywhere else, and you won’t find more seasoned staff.

Our oysters are fresh because we take pride in what we do. In the 1920s, The Oyster farms slogan was “the oysters that you eat today slept last night in Samish Bay.” This is still true today!

In addition to being seafood experts, our staff has many years of experience working at The Oyster Bar. They know how to serve fresh oysters and the best way to prepare them. Furthermore, we only use high-quality meats, so you’re guaranteed to get what you pay for every time you visit us.

Where it All Began

In the 1920s, Pacific oysters were harvested in Japan and transported to Seattle, where they perished on the way. They were subsequently dumped into Samish Bay. Yet, in only a few years, numerous Pacific Oysters lived happily in Samish Bay. Today, Shigoku, Kumomoto, and Samish Bay call the bay home, and make up the staples varieties of Pacific Oysters that we serve.

Later in the 1920s, many small Olympia Oysters were collected from Samish Bay and then transported by train to Los Angeles. However, when the depression hit in 1929, the market abruptly vanished. Needing to pivot, the oyster farm manager began selling oysters out of a cart located on Chuckanut Drive. Over time, that cart evolved into what is now known as the Oyster Bar Restaurant, named after a notable sand bar nestled in Samish Bay.

Where Do They Have Fresh Oysters?

This is a question you will never have to ask again once you have tried our oysters. We provide you with the best fresh oysters available, ensuring you’re getting the absolute highest quality possible.

The Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive is the only place in the area where you can find such an impressive selection of oysters. Many people come to us if they want different types of oysters, either because they don’t like what other restaurants offer or because they simply can’t believe that our restaurant serves such a variety of fresh oysters daily. The Oyster Bar has many years of experience serving high-quality seafood, and is one of the best places for oysters around, so visit us today!

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