Anniversary Meal: Oyster Bar for a Special Day

Visiting Oyster Bar is a unique experience for people who wish to have a memorable night of dining out. It is located on Chuckanut Drive, and one of the most in-demand restaurants in the area. The Oyster Bar is the kind of place that you may want to go to for special occasions. We have compiled some reasons, which might help you understand why the Oyster bar should be your next destination for an anniversary meal.

For example, It gives a grand and sophisticated dining experience and a beautiful view. Read more.

Reasons to visit Oyster Bar at Chuckanut Drive for an Anniversary Meal

Following are some of the reasons why you should visit the Oyster Bar for your next anniversary outing.

Spectacular View

The Oyster Bar is located on Chuckanut Drive and has been operating since the 1920s, where it first started a small oyster stall. However, the restaurant is now the finest place to visit for people in the region. The historic Chuckanut Drive stays beautiful all year long, but it looks even better in the latter half of the year. We suggest you visit especially if your anniversary falls between September to December, because of the fall season. You can go for a sightseeing drive before or after the meal.

Freshest Sea Food

Oysters and other seafood items are the Oyster Bar’s all-time specialty.  The restaurant offer a long list of foods to choose from, which you can find in their extensive menu here.

They also offer several other dishes like mushrooms and meat for those who aren’t interested in seafood. You will also find the longest range of desserts to finish your meal on a sweet note.

Award-Winning Wine Cellar

A good anniversary celebration requires the right kind of beverages with it. You can download our complete wine list and see the kind of wines offered. The Oyster Bar’s wine program has been winning the Wine Lists of the World by the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine for the last 30 years.

The owner of the restaurant, Guy Colbert and wine buyer Amanda Abbott, carefully choose the wines themselves and now they are the pride of the Oyster Bar.

Other collections on Guy Colbert’s list include the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Leonetti Cellars and the vertical of Cabernet Sauvignon from Quilceda Creek, which ranks the best in the world.

The wine servers here are very “wine savvy” and provide complete descriptions and details of the wine they present.

Anniversary Meal at Oyster Bar: Bottom Line

An anniversary meal at the Oyster Bar is one of the best ideas because the restaurant offers everything from the best food varieties and exquisite wine choices. Moreover, the Chuckanut Drive has some mesmerizing sights and activities to offer. So, ensure you make your reservation with us.

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