From the park of Whatcom Falls to the Oyster bar for fine food

The Whatcom Falls Park features a beautiful waterfall, a beautiful pond, and a railroad trestle. Because of its many visit places, the park provides vacationers with a comfortable place to relax, immerse themselves in the serenity of nature, and then head off to The Oyster Bar for a satisfying lunch or dinner. The Oyster Bar … Read more

The sight of Lake Padden Park will whet your appetite for seafood

How about immersing yourself in the natural scene created by the lake, followed by a trip to the Oyster bar for some sumptuous seafood? Lake Padden is just 13 miles from the Oyster Bar Restaurant and has everything you could want in a Bellingham recreational area. Nature’s splendor can be fully appreciated while hiking through … Read more

Consider going to the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

Bellingham has a lot to offer, one of which is the interactive electric museum. The museum offers educational and academic programs for the local community as well as for others. Pupils and students from private and public schools can learn about topics such as static electricity, magnetism, motors, circuits, and crystal radios through the museum’s … Read more

Take advantage of Galbraith Mountain Bike Park’s biking opportunities

Mountain Bike Park is a beautiful Mountain centre that is characterised by ambience of fresh air, gorgeous landscape, and natural serenity. This world-class Bike Park is located at the city of Bellingham which is one of the cities with great commercial significance in the United States. The mountain destination houses about 65 miles of single … Read more

Bellingham’s Mount Baker Theatre will keep you entertained

Bellingham Mount Baker Theatre is an art destination in the bustling city of Bellingham, Washington, DC, USA. It is home to one of the best sound productions in the state and has a long history of hosting concerts for professional artists. Other services provided by the theatre include live theater, performances, films, cultural events, comic … Read more

Don’t Like Seafood? Try our 3 New Mushroom Dishes

Whether you are an avid seafood fan or a non-seafood lover, our team is pleased to offer a unique dining experience at one of the most picturesque spots of Chuckanut Drive at the Oyster Bar terrace! Health benefits of mushroom dishes Rich in nutrients, mushrooms are among the most powerful superfoods, products with maximum nutritional … Read more

How to Match Beer with Pacific Northwest Seafood

Cheer yourself with one of the September Oyster Bar’s seafood-beer pairings and  enjoy the best Pacific Northwest seafood! Beers for Contrast, Complement or Cleanse It is important to understand how different beer styles enhance the flavor of the dish. Beer may contrast, complement or cleanse a meal inspired by the Pacific Northwest Seafood. Contrast: Pick … Read more

Chuckanut Mountain Trail: a Fall Hiking Essential List

 Pack for a new Chuckanut Drive Trail hike with the practical tips from the Oyster Bar team consisted of keen hikers and explorers. Choose the best hiking spots  The one-day Chuckanut Mountain Trail hike is one of the most popular ways to experience the fall beauty of the Pacific Northwest in September. Located near Bellingham, … Read more